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Reflective Sportswear

Personal safety clothing for outdoor activities like cycling, running,walking,horse riding   etc.

Hi Vis Workwear

Stay safe and enhance visibility in work zone. A wide range of workwear, safety vest, hi vis jacket and etc.

Children Safety Clothing

 A complete safety solution for kids, such as safety vest, reflective backpack cover,safety cap, reflective band etc.

Pet Safety Clothing

Pet is our friend. This category is protective apparel or accessories designed to protect them,reduce the risk of injury.

Features & Benefits

Why LINO Safety?

Our mission is to improve our customers’ net income through products and services.


Experienced Expert Team

We have  a strong supply chain management and R&D team. Our expert team is always ready to help our customers in the best possible way. We could work with you every step of the way to analyze your current product line, cost optimization, packaging etc. Be it on boarding support, guidance, or strategic advice, we offer it all. We are providing professional solutions which works for you and your customers.


Design and Custom

If you are looking to make your own Design, no need to worry anymore! Our professional design team is always here to make Unique and Bespoke design just specifically for your needs. We offer custom solutions that represent a good balance between top quality and a fair price. Lino Safety helps you and your team to develop new designed product that will set your brand apart from your competitors. “ Let’s turn your dream into reality”


Certification and Testing reports

With more than 16 years of experience in safety clothing, we have done many certificates, such as ISO 20471, EN17353,ANSI etc. We could provide professional suggestions on standard and certificate.We have acquired many test reports and certificates, which will save you time and money and make the certificates process hassle-free!


Quality Control

We are manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a special Quality control team to control the whole production process. Our qualified QC team work in tandem to check each production phase and process, including cutting, sewing, inspection and packaging process —to ensure the final product quality. We always reinspect final product before ship them.


Efficient and Time-saving

Together with Lino Safety, We provide exceptional services to all of our customers and put them at the heart of our decisions. We understand the “Time is equals to Money”. We are always on time to fulfill the order and we work 24/7 to ensure the quickest response to our customer’s questions & requests.


Good value-for-money

Our main priority is to provide an effective solution for our customer’s nagging problem, Once we understand your demand or problem we could provide you right solution which fits you and your business. You will reduce risk and 70% of your work due to our one-stop services. Our Premium quality and Environmentally friendly products will put you at ease.

View our certificates

Our products are certified by accredited, independent third-party laboratories to ensure that our products meet the specified performance criteria imposed by the international standards.

No Matter How Big or Small

Already worked with companies of all sizes

We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. Lino has experienced success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products and brand.

“Found the service to be very good indeed. Ellen helped me through with the process from start to finish with a fair quote and up to date information on the order. A positive experience.”

Amazon Seller - United Kingdom

“You are so helpful!! Thank you! I really appreciate you  helping me get a good reflective gilet. Looking forward to receiving the samples.”

Retailer - Germany


Safety is always the priority. Safety Clothing is used in many applications, such as Running,Cycling,Horse riding,Walking, Motorcycling,Jogging, Skiing,Walking to school,School field trip,Road Construction, Utility Crew, Survey Crew, Construction, Railway Workers, Baggage Handlers, Emergency Response, Warehousing/Distribution etc.


Design Gallery

Our design team will make unique, bespoke products just specifically for your needs.

Lastest News & Blogs


How to apply for CE Marking?

For everyone involves in the safety/high visibility/reflective clothing space, getting to know how an item of safety clothing achieves CE certification is useful, it can help in understanding what certification really means, as well as assist in the selection of safety clothing that meets CE standards.How to apply for CE marking?

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How to Choose the Perfect Zippers?

A zipper can’t make a good dress, but a zipper can ruin good reflective wear. This statement fully illustrates the importance of zippers to a garment.Do you know how to choose the perfect zipper?

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Easy to know: Medium Risk Standard EN 17353

In recent years, night running, cycling, and road fitness have grown in popularity, so protective equipment suitable for them is gradually becoming a necessity, and non-professional visual clothing/accessories are beginning to receive more and more attention.

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