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Meet Lino Safety: Your Partner in Reflective Wear

Lino Safety is founded on the principles of perfection, quality, style, and sustainability. Nestled in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, we’ve been focusing on crafting high-quality safety clothing for 16 years, a commitment recognized by our ISO9001/BSCI certification. Our products meet major international standards including EN17353, Oeko-Tex 100, EN ISO 20471, ANSI/ISEA 107, CSA-Z96, and AS/NZS 1906.4. We’ve proudly exported our products to various countries, including Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia. Our diverse portfolio of satisfied clients worldwide stands as a testament to our dedication and quality.

A Legacy of Excellence

With 16 years in the industry, our experience is your advantage. We're committed to delivering excellence for you.

Partnership, Not Just Production

We're more than a manufacturer—we're your ally. At Lino Safety, your success is our mission.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Our products reach worldwide, but our approach is personal. Every client is a valued member of the Lino Safety family.

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Numbers That Speak Volumes

At Lino Safety, our figures aren’t just digits—they’re a reflection of the value we bring to your business. Each year of experience, each production line, each dedicated team member adds up to a promise of quality, efficiency, and reliability for you


Material Sourcing

The materials we use are key to the performance of reflective clothing. Factors like luminosity and reflectivity determine whether the clothing meets the standards of your country. That’s why we take material sourcing seriously, partnering only with top suppliers in the industry.


Fabric Cutting

Cutting is a crucial step in creating your ideal safety clothing. It’s where your design comes to life. After selecting the perfect fabric, our skilled makers tailor your safety clothing according to your specific size and design needs. Using automatic cutting machines, we ensure each piece is cut with precision and high quality. 



Post-cutting, our skilled team assembles your safety wear. Each stitch is sewn with precision, transforming your design into tangible clothing.  1,000+ stitches on the fabrics make a piece of clothing. We ensure each stitch is sewn with care —— 11 lockstitching per inch, 13 for overlook, and 11 for interlock.



To ensure your reflective clothing is waterproof, we employ taped seams. This process involves the careful application of waterproof taping over stitched seams using a hot printing process. This meticulous method guarantees that your garment remains impervious to water, enhancing its durability and protective qualities.



Our ironing process not only enhances the clothing’s aesthetic appeal but also highlights your unique design and superior texture. Using a steam iron bed, our skilled workers meticulously smooth every corner of the safety clothing, ensuring you receive ready-to-send, fashion-forward pieces. This attention to detail guarantees a crisp, professional finish that leaves a lasting impression.



Ensuring our safety clothing reaches you in impeccable condition is our utmost priority. Each piece is delicately wrapped with logo tags and labels, and placed in designated packaging, tailored to the specific needs of the garment and your budget. We offer a variety of packing options, from individual poly bags to carton box packaging.  Our meticulous packaging process guarantees that your safety clothing arrives ready to wear and in perfect condition.


Unleash the Potential of Your Brand with LINO Safety!

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