All You Need to Know about Reflective Helmet Cover

How many types of seemingly simple helmet covers are there? Where are they suitable for? What's the difference? In this article, I will explain to you the most detailed introduction about reflective helmet covers.

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Night cycling is now the preferred outdoor activity for many people, but it is far more dangerous than daytime cycling.

According to Cycling UK, around 5.5% of fatalities, 14.5% of serious injuries, 10.3% of minor injuries, and 10.9% of casualties come from cyclists on the road, but they account for less than 1% of total road traffic. That’s why visibility is so important, and because of this, we have developed many safety products for night cycling to meet the market demand, reflective helmet cover is one of them, and it will be a fantastic addition to your cycling range.

What is a reflective helmet cover?

A reflective helmet cover is one of the safety accessories that can increase visibility for cyclists. The function of a helmet is to protect the head in an accident, and our reflective helmet cover is to protect the cyclists from being seen and decrease the rate of accidents happening. They are designed to fit over all standard-size helmets.

Why do we use a reflective helmet cover?

As with most of our reflective safety products, we believe that reflective and high-visibility details can help cyclists avoid some accidents. As an additional SAFETY feature that many expensive helmets leave out, our reflective helmet cover can make up for it. If you are a helmet, a bicycle, or a cycling apparel brand, our reflective helmet cover can enrich your product line and meet your customers’ safety needs.

How to use a reflective helmet cover?

The design of the reflective helmet cover is simple and not difficult to use. It is a smart safety accessory with kinds of an elastic adjuster to fit cyclists’ helmets.

How to choose different reflective helmet cover?

Types of a reflective helmet cover

This type of reflective helmet cover usually is used at night.

This type of reflective helmet cover can be used both during the day and at night.

Material of reflective helmet cover

  • 100% Polyester

This type of reflective helmet cover is the most economic. Good for promotion.

  • 100% polyester with PU sealing tapes inside

This type of reflective helmet cover is in high performance of waterproof.

  • Reflective material

This type is specially designed for night cycling.


  • Stay visibility

Our reflective helmet covers prevent dark road conditions with optimal visibility. The extra loop for magnet lights ensures maximum safety for cyclists.

  • Stay dry

Our reflective helmet cover in high-performance waterproof gives complete protection against rain.

  • Easy fit

Our reflective helmet cover is fitted to most helmets, from kids to adults, we could customize different sizes.

  • Easy carry

It can be folded up small, so it’s easy to carry with cyclists.

Different closure ways

The different closure ways will help you to fit the helmet tightly and won’t blow off when cycling at speed.

  • Elastic without a pull cord
  • Drawstring with a pull cord
  • Drawstring elastic with a pull cord

Benefits of expanding reflective helmet cover to your product category

If you are looking for new products to fulfill your product category, our reflective helmet cover is an ideal addition for you.

  • Low value, good for promotion
  • Low MOQ, good for newbies who want to be fit to try
  • Customized patterns to differentiate your products from others
  • Build a one-stop shop for your customers


The priority thing we consider when designing a reflective helmet cover(and we’re sure this is the first thing you consider when providing a reflective helmet cover to a customer) is how safe is it. ·

Avoid cheap materials! Our reflective helmet cover is developed and manufactured with high quality in China. Best reflective materials meet EU standards and have been passed testing to ensure a durable product without compromise.

New designs

The Lino range of stylish, lightweight reflective helmet covers for adults and children offers the best protection and is suitable for cyclists from the daily commute to off-road mountain biking adventures.

Lino believes a focus on the small details makes the difference. We work closely with our customers so we know exactly how to create a combination of function, comfort, and stylish. If you have any interest in our reflective helmet cover, welcome to contact us for getting a quote or sample.

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