Case Study: A Customized Solution on Construction Safety Vest

How to upgrade the existing basic safety vest to a multi-functional style? This article takes you to fully understand the product upgrade steps and process.

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When it comes to construction safety vest in the construction industry, many of the biggest manufacturers’ practices include copying the designs of safety products already on the market. This does nothing to help workers. So safety managers try to seek out solutions that are addressing their employees’ needs head-on through thoughtful, optimized product design matched with the right materials. In this paper, Lino Safety presents a successful case of a customized solution that points out the real needs of construction employees in terms of the construction safety vest.

Challenges of the construction safety vest

On 20 Jun 2022, we received an inquiry from a customer in the USA. He introduced himself that they are a construction company with over a thousand employees. And they used to buy construction safety vest locally but received many complaints about them from their employees. The following is the email he sent to us.


According to the complaints about the construction safety vest, we provide initial solutions below.

Items fall out of pockets every time they bend over.

Using zipper closure for pockets.

Ipads and no good place to carry

Adding an Ipad pocket on the vest

Fit mostly by female employees

Make the size bigger

Construction safety vest are loose clothes that easily snag

For snagging problem, we could change the material. May I know which kind of fabric you are using now?

Think they should have a breakaway feature

We could make a breakaway construction safety vest.

At the same time, we invited the customer to schedule a video meeting on 21 Jun 2022. It was a great meeting!

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the way of communication with customers over the years. The way of video meetings becomes the most efficient and cost-saving to discuss all the details and knowing more about customers. However, we got a lot of valuable information from the customer that helped us to provide the best solution for the construction safety vest. The following is the recap of all the details after the meeting.

Design of Construction Safety Vest

According to the above requirements from the customer, our designer made four design options. However, considering the minimum order quantities of women’s construction safety vest, we provided the version of men’s only this time.

For better understanding, we provided videos about details.

The final design was confirmed finally after further discussing all pockets’ sizes and positions with the customer.

Evaluation of new construction safety vest

However, even though our designer had made the detailed drawings for the construction safety vest, we still suggested 12 areas for change when we saw the first version sample. Designing and making a new product is always not an easy thing to do. We need to do much research on styles, materials, pockets, zippers, size, so many details, and even the color of the thread. A lot of time and effort needs to be invested.

The first version sample vs the second version sample.

Quality Control of Construction Safety Vest

After checking all the details, the sample was finally sent out. It will be evaluated by the holders and owners of the company. The customer stated that the goal is to make the construction safety vest the company standard.

We sent the sample and received positive feedback in their regional meeting. The customer was happy as he stated: The sample is great and the meeting went well Friday. Approved at the district level. Now goes to corporate for company-wide approval.

More information about construction safety vest

Purchasing the appropriate construction safety vest can be a challenge considering many construction safety vest look alike. Lino Safety is dedicated to making your purchasing process as easy as possible through our knowledge and experience.

Padded collar

A padded collar, can reduce chaffing and assist with supporting the vest’s weight. “We wear vest 12 hrs plus a day 6 days a week. They need to be more of a tool that helps us not a hindrance. “ the customer said. However, there are many construction safety vest suppliers that ignored the needs of end users and then received a lot of complaints. The safety vests should be a tool to help workers, not one to bring problems.

Cooling shoulder

“We have a lot of projects in South Florida California Hawaii so heat is an issue,” the customer told us. We introduced the cooling construction safety vest to him but he thought it is too heavy for workers. That’s the pain point of the cooling vest we never thought of. Then we introduced the cooling shoulder which is lightweight, durable, and utility. And it can be added to any vest at an additional cost.

Lino Safety has a wide range of cooling products which are an easy and inexpensive way to help prevent heat stress, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion while improving worker comfort.


Over 16 years of experience in the manufacture of construction safety vest gives us a unique vantage point to provide solutions to our customers. In fact, we work in the same fields that a lot of our customers do, enabling us to collaborate and find the best solution that fits their needs. When working with Lino Safety, you will have access to our array of resources, including a professional team of designers who have the know-how to optimize and customize your product, and a knowledgeable support team with over 16 years of expertise in exporting construction safety vest for our customers.

Zhejiang Lino Safety Co., Ltd. is a premier supplier of construction safety vest and accessories serving the safety, industrial, and sports markets. We are your partner, not solely your vendor.

Once you have any challenges with your construction safety vest or you are finding the right construction safety vest supplier, please kindly contact LINO safety today.

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