How to Apply High Visibility Safety Apparel Certificates?


For everyone involves in the safety/high visibility/reflective clothing space, getting to know how an item of safety clothing achieves CE certification is useful, it can help in understanding what certification really means, as well as assist in the selection of safety clothing that meets CE standards.How to apply for CE marking?

When Should High Visibility Clothing PPE Be Worn?


On construction sites or in specific high-risk situations, we all know that we should wear High Visibility Clothing to avoid danger. But High Visibility Clothing can be used more than these. In daily life, we can also choose to wear High Visibility Clothing to improve our own safety protection.

Easy to know: Medium Risk Standard EN 17353


In recent years, night running, cycling, and road fitness have grown in popularity, so protective equipment suitable for them is gradually becoming a necessity, and non-professional visual clothing/accessories are beginning to receive more and more attention.