Does the safety vest really work?

Effect of man wearing safety vest standing in front of headlights

Safety vests are among the list of personal protective equipment (PPE) you’ll have to carry along to improve your noticeably in risky environments. Like a worksite or during a fun cycling session. However, a user might still end up in accidents, usually due to misuse of the safety vest. Because it’s not just about wearing a safety vest, but also about the type and the conditions in which you’re wearing one (like the level of visibility).

Why your prices of safety vests are so high?


When you go looking for suppliers, you often find different prices for the same safety vest in the picture, so is it really the same product? This article takes you to analyze the difference between two products with similar appearance.

Pockets of Safety Vests: What You Need to Know

Pockets of Safety Vests What You Need to Know

Safety clothing is available in all kinds of pocket designs to meet the wearers’ specific needs. And pockets are one of the most practical features in safety clothing. Patch pockets, cargo pockets, and inset pockets are the most common pockets. Let’s divide it into three product categories.

Easy to know: Medium Risk Standard EN 17353


In recent years, night running, cycling, and road fitness have grown in popularity, so protective equipment suitable for them is gradually becoming a necessity, and non-professional visual clothing/accessories are beginning to receive more and more attention.