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Customized safety vests seem to be very simple, but it seems that there are not many that can meet your requirements in the end, so how can we better solve the problem of customized vests? This article takes you through it in detail.

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When it comes to buying safety vests, most buyers will face the challenges of how to customize safety vests since most suppliers have no stock and are made-to-order. This article is written to help those who are the new in safety vests business or just want to know more ideas about customize safety vests step by step.

Customize safety vests in 8 features

With Lino Safety customize services, you can differentiate your products from your competitors. The following 8 features are the most common in customize safety vests.

Customize safety vests – Selling seasons and target customers

Before customize safety vests, you must be clear about your selling time, since winter items, summer items, or all seasons items will be in different styles. For example, a safety vest with a cooling shoulder can keep the core temperature down in summer. Economy but practical, a perfect choice for your customers. The following designs are for different seasons.

And regarding the target customers, we have a wide range of safety vests for different customers and wearing occasions.

Customize safety vests – Standards

Many countries have issued laws to ensure the vest’s quality such as EN20471, ANSI 107, EN 17353, etc, which means that if a safety vest is for professional use, then it must meet the EN20471 standard if you want to enter the European Market. But if you want to enter the American market, and then must conform to the ANSI requirement.

So when you decide to customize safety vests, you must know what’s your target market and the corresponding laws for it also what’s the application of the safety vests since there are different design requirements.

For professional use, such as traffic control, roadway construction..or non-professional use, like running, cycling… If you have no idea about the standards, we could customize safety vests to meet different standards. For more information about standards, please take a look at our previous blog about EN 17373 and CE marking.

Customize safety vests – Fabric

Then check what kind of fabric is right once you confirmed your sell seasons, target customers, and standards. In customize safety vests, the most important feature is fabric. The followings are the most common fabric in PPE.

Customize safety vests in different types of fabric

Regarding the different functions of safety vests, different materials will be required.


The polyester mesh knitted fabric is soft, light-weighted, and breathability, which will keep wearers cool, refreshing, and comfortable.


Polyester tricot fabric features wrinkles, breathability, and softness. And when it is composed of Nylon Spandex or Polyester Spandex blends that are ideal for sportswear, such as running and cycling safety vests. It allows the safety vests to breathe and not cling to the body while also providing support and the comfort of a 4-way stretch fabric.

Flame-resistant fabric

Flame-resistant fabrics are made of typically synthetic fibers that resist ignition under prolonged exposure to flame or heat. And workers who are working in aeronautical, automotive, marine, hospital, and military…should wear FR clothing.

Reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is made of the base cloth, adhesives, and the micro glass bead. Most safety vests are made of polyester fabric with reflective tapes or patterns. There are some safety vests that feature fully reflective as well and are made of reflective fabric only.

Customize safety vests in different weights of the fabric

According to your budget, we can customize safety vests in different weights while ensuring their functionality. For example, there are 120g mesh and 110g mesh fabric but all can meet the ANSI standard.

Customize safety vests – Pockets

Pockets form a large part of customzie safety vests as well. Patch pockets and cargo pockets are the most common pockets for safety vests. But patch pockets are more economical than cargo pockets. Cargo Pockets are basically patched pockets with a flat that are expandable. It looks like ordinary pockets from the front but expands as needed because of the accordion folds on the sides. These side folds make them able to carry more things inside than ordinary pockets. So usually cargo pockets cost more than patch pockets. If you are interested in pockets, we have a ready article about pockets here:

Customize safety vests – Colors

When it comes to colors, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green and fluorescent are the most common colors in customize safety vests. And the enhanced visibility is not being held to any standards, color choices are more open, and you won’t see any bright fluorescent background colors. But due to the minimum order quantity, common colors will be required lower than other colors.

Enhanced colors

Customize safety vests – Accessories

And when customize safety vests, the accessories on safety vests such as zippers, buckles, and velcros…should be considered seriously. Different brands always in different costs. For example, the YKK zippers and SBS zippers are of different costs but also of different quality. For more information about zippers, please read the Comprehensive Guide about Zippers.

Customize safety vests – Private labels

Customize safety vests also including private label services. So make these clear about the designs, how many of your private labels, the sizes of your logo…which are all determining factors in the cost involved.

Customize safety vests – Sizes

Clothing sizes vary drastically from country to country. For example, UK clothing sizes are often quite different than US sizes, and unless you’re familiar with the conversion charts, it also can be challenging to customize safety vests in China. But a professional supplier will provide practical suggestions about sizes and help to optimize your size chart to avoid overstocking and understocking.


You must be clear about what the target price is workable in your marketplace when customize safety vests. Then suppliers will make reasonable adjustments to meet your requirements.

Free Design Solutions

However, you can customize safety vests based on our current designs, our designers will draw an initial sketch that includes all the details we mentioned above. The design services are all free.

Samples Making and Evaluation

When you confirmed all the details, it’s time to get a sample and evaluate. Samples are essential when customize safety vests. Check the design and all details before starting production to make sure you will get perfect customized safety vests. If there are any problems, check with suppliers and see how to improve them.

Place Orders

Once all samples are confirmed, you could decide how many quantities you want to order, but usually, there will be required a minimum order quantity when customize safety vests. Then according to the total weight and volume of the products, there will a cost-effective way to ship them. Then suppliers will provide the quotation. All things are confirmed, you could go ahead with placing an order.

Estimated Time of Receiving

Also, you must be clear about the selling time of your customize safety vests. Think about the production time and shipping time, then seize the best sales opportunities. And of course, a good supplier should produce products accurately and deliver them on time.

So now, do you have any ideas about how to customize safety vests? Whether you are a new or experienced buyer, Lino Safety is glad to provide the best service and professional knowledge about customize safety vests, you won’t end up paying for the wrong safety vests with us. So if you are ready to customize safety vests, please send us an email at [email protected], and we will try our best to support you and your business.

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