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Our best-selling reversible bodywarmer on cold days, in this article, we present the details of this bodywarmer and you may make a buying decision.

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A reversible bodywarmer is a type of clothing that can be worn with either side facing outward. It typically has a different color or pattern on each side, allowing the wearer to change their appearance depending on the occasion or their mood.

Reversible bodywarmers may be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester, or nylon, and may have additional features such as padded insulation, multiple pockets, or a zipper or button closure.

One of the main benefits of a reversible bodywarmer is that it provides versatility and allows the wearer to change their appearance without having to change their entire outfit. It can be worn with either side facing outward depending on the occasion or the wearer’s preference.

high-vis bodywarmer new design

Reversible Bodywarmer from Lino

When it comes to cycling, running, or other outdoor activities and working in winter, it’s really important to dress warmly. Besides gloves, down jackets, and hats, Lino would like to introduce a reversible bodywarmer, you must be surprised at its multi-functions and even make a buying decision to fulfill your winter product category.


High visibility: In daytime mode, it is made of fluorescent fabric. And I can stand out in the daytime.

And in nighttime mode, it is made of fully reflective fabric. It is just like a normal bodywarmer in my daily, so even if people wear it in the daytime, it won’t look weird. And at night, when light reflects, I will be glowing at 360 degrees. Our reflective fabric is ISO 20471 and ANSI 107 approved, which ensures high-quality reflective performance.

For keeping warm, this padded reversible bodywarmer is made from padding, people are going to be able to wear it in spring, Autumn, and Winter and be able to use it all the way almost through the season.

However, we can customize this reversible bodywarmer in different weight padding, such as 180 grams, 220 grams, and down available also according to the climate features in your market.

Accessories and details

The reversible bodywarmer itself features one super high quality YKK zip that is really well designed, it really gets smooth when you pull it up. And the reversible slider has the ability to flip to the other side of the slider along the rotating rail. This kind of slider is perfect for our reversible bodywarmer. All pockets are with zippers to keep belongings, such as phones, keys, and wallets safe. This reversible bodywarmer has four pockets in total, two on each side. The invisible pocket design and match zipper color make the reversible bodywarmer look great. And the pockets are big enough to put hands to warm up on cold days.

The high collar brought this reversible bodywarmer to a whole new level, it helps you stay warm in cold situations it also means it’s going to be easier to protect yourself from the wind. And the black pipe match both the silver and high vis, it is elastic and a perfect fit for the body and keeps warm.

The reversible bodywarmer itself is somewhat water resistant, the picture shows I do a quick test with a water spray bottle.

Benefits of reversible bodywarmer

One of the standout features of this reversible bodywarmer is the high-performance reflection at night. As you can see, when people cycle at night, drivers can see clearly with reflective side bodywarmer from a long distance, it’s a perfect choice for those night outdoor lovers.

Being visible in the daytime is the same important as at night when running, cycling, or working. With this reversible bodywarmer, you can wear high visibility clothing in the daytime, and turn it inside to be reflective when at night, a completely different look in 5 seconds.

As reversible bodywarmer need to be able to be worn inside out without losing shape, they are made with the highest quality materials and the best workmanship. What’s more, purchasing a reversible bodywarmer ensures you get more for your money. It’s like a two-for-one sale: double the outfits for the price of one. That means you can get more profit margin from this clothing.

Infinity this reversible is lightweight it is comfortable it is stylish, perfect for all-weather outdoor activities it’s clearly also very durable and easy to move around with which makes it just a great choice for anyone who wants to spend lots of time Outdoors spend lots of time running, cycling, walking, jogging, horse riding, urban commutes, hiking, or wild camping…especially in low light conditions. So if you desire to get more sales with new products, our reversible bodywarmer is an ideal addition to your product category. You may be curious about our factory, you can quickly check our video about how to produce reversible bodyarmer with high quality.

For more details and new designs, please check our reversible bodywarmer page, hope you will find it valuable.

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