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More than 83,200 people in the United States own motorcycles, which means that the sales potential of motorcycle safety vests is strong. As young people become more and more fond of motorcycle sports, the market demand for motorcycle safety equipment is also increasing. Which equipment is most suitable for daily motorcycle riding? How are they different? This article takes you to know about motorcycle safety vests.

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Motorcycle riders agree that there are several reasons to enjoy riding. Not only is riding fun but it’s also easier to find parking. Additionally, you can quickly zip through traffic and gas is also cheaper. That’s quite possibly why a recent survey shows that about 8.32 million Americans own motorcycles. That said, motorcyclists also come with a few risks.

The most significant being accidents caused by lack of visibility. The top way to make yourself more visible is to wear the right types of safety vests. In this post, we’ll be looking at whether it’s necessary to wear motorcycle safety vest. We’ll also share the top motorcycle safety vest to consider for your next ride. If you’re a motorcyclist, we urge you to keep reading!

Is It Necessary for Motorcyclists to Wear a Safety Vest?

According to the National Safety Council, a total of 5,579 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2020. Simplified, that breaks down to 31 per 100 million vehicle miles. Additional statistics show that Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi have the highest rate of motorcycling fatalities.

Since motorcyclists don’t have the protection of a vehicle or airbags around them, the risk of injury is increased. A motorcyclist wearing a motorcycle safety vest is more likely to be seen by other drivers, thereby increasing potential reaction times. While a motorcycle safety vest won’t prevent or safeguard you in an accident, it will go a long way to making you more visible.

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Various Motorcycle Safety Vest

It’s no secret that many motorcyclists don’t wear high-visibility reflective motorcycle safety vest because they prefer specific colors and clothing styles. We do however urge motorcyclists to opt for wearing a motorcycle safety vest to ensure that they’re seen on the road. We’ve listed popular safety vest options that are not only safe but also stylish:

  1. Hi-Vis Reflective Motorcycle Safety Vest: As one of the most popular options, this hi-vis vest is made from 100% polyester and is both breathable and comfortable. The reflective, sewn-on 2” tape ensures that you’ll easily be seen at night. Additionally, the vest boasts two lower side pockets with zippers, ideal for keeping your phone safe as you ride. The vest comes in yellow and orange with black stripes.
  2. Motorcycling Safety Gilet: Another vest option to consider is a functional gilet. You can get vests with features such as 2 lower patch pockets, durable 100% polyester fabric that is comfortable, and a zipper front closure. A mesh panel at the back makes the motorcycle safety vest breathable and comfortable to wear over a shirt or jacket. You can get this motorcycle safety vest in colors such as yellow, orange, and red with silver stripes.
  3. Enhance Visibility Reflective Surveyor Vest: Many motorcyclists prefer black vests. The Enhance Visibility Reflective Surveyor Vest isn’t yellow or orange like a regular safety vest. While it’s not labeled as a motorcyclist vest, its multi-purpose functionality makes it ideal to use when you ride. You can get vests with 4 pockets and dual zipper closure. It’s also breathable and lightweight and has reflective piping that improves low-light visibility.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Safety Vest

When you’re considering joining the wonderful world of motorcycling, getting the right gear is crucial. Aside from comfort, you should look for a motorcycle safety vest that provides protection and durability and above all else increases visibility.

Here are a few pointers to consider as you search for the perfect motorcycle safety vest.

  • Type: With the variety of motorcycle safety vest types, it’s super easy to find the right type to suit your needs. You can opt for gilet-type vests that are essentially sleeveless and are worn over your existing jackets. Alternatively, you can also opt for safety jackets that can be worn instead of a regular biker jacket.
  • Material: Many motorcycle safety vest are made from 100% polyester because it’s lightweight and breathable. Using a mesh material like polyester makes the vest significantly versatile.
  • Size: For motorcycle safety vest, some styles will fit most people but they do come in different sizes. These vests have the option to adjust straps to make the vest fit properly. Some vest manufacturers also make vests for plus-sized people while others make sizes from small to 5 or 6 XL.
  • Color: Always opt for neon colors that will make you more visible at all times. Generally, the top motorcycle safety vest colors are yellow, orange, and neon green. However, you can get blue, pink, and red at certain retailers. Always make sure that darker colors have reflective stripes and trimmings on.
  • Visibility: It’s essential to opt for a highly reflective vest. Always look for a vest that has 360-degree visibility. This will ensure that you can be seen by oncoming and passing traffic. Many motorcycle safety vest types also have reflective trim on pockets and sleeves. Reflective stripes work well to highlight the neon colors of the vest, making you visible in the dark or on cloudy days.
  • Waterproofing: Choosing a motorcycle safety vest that is either waterproof or water-resistant will come in handy during the rainy season.
  • Ventilation: Summer months can make you sweaty and uncomfortable. A motorcycle safety vest made of mesh will ensure you have adequate ventilation to keep you cool.
  • Washable: Motorcycle safety vest should be made of a durable material that can easily be washed. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label to determine how easy it will be to keep clean. Never wash a safety vest with bleach or any harsh detergents as this will fade the neon color and dull its reflectivity.

Final Thought

Opting for the right motorcycle safety vest for your next motorcycle ride is without a doubt extremely crucial. Aside from providing you with some degree of safety, the right reflective clothing will also make you more visible to other road users. Whether you opt for a full suit, jacket, or simple reflective motorcycle safety vest, our reflective products will go a long way to let road users know where you are!

Choosing the perfect reflective gear for your motorcycle is as simple as giving us a call at +86 1811579 22268. Or take a look at our extensive catalog on our Lino Safety Clothing Specialist website. Our expert sales team is eagerly awaiting your call to assist you with the best reflective gear suitable to wear on your motorcycle!

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