Hi Vis Jackets

One of the hottest sale product ranges of high vis clothing is hi vis jackets. Hi vis jackets are more functional than hi vis vests because they have padding and covers more skin surface. Hi vis jackets are high value products. We have a huge supply of hi vis jackets from basic to high-end designs which provide high performance features. If you need new design hi vis jackets that stand out from your competitors, we are a manufacturer that has the design abilities to properly make initial sketch designs based on your ideas. And we also provide logo design and printing services. If you do not have ideas about logo positions, colors or printing methods, our professional design team will make a free mockup of the hi vis jackets for your option. Lino Safety has operated for 16 years as a renowned safety clothing supplier in China. With our extensive experience in the safety industry, we are confident in the quality of our products. If you are looking for a good and professional supplier in China, you can rely on Lino Safety.

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Features & Benefits of Hi Vis Jackets from Lino Safety

High Technology for Hi Vis Jackets

We continue to introduce high technologyfor the hi vis Jackets we sell, including coating, fabric, reflective material, and workmanship. Hi vis jackets could be made with Teflon coating to make the hi vis jacket not only durable, but also repel water, oil and stains.

Stay Warm With Hi Vis Jackets

Most of the reflective vests are lightweight, so the freight cost is lower. It’s a massive benefit for customers that want products quickly. This not only saves money but also allows you to provide your customers with faster shipping times and better customer service.

Multi-function Hi Vis Jackets

Hi vis jackets are always made with waterproof fabrics, and can feature a removable hood as well as multi pockets. There are also 3 in 1 and 7 in 1 hi vis jacket options. The 7 in 1 hi vis jackets could become a 7 piece hi vis outfit, like hi vis body warmer, rain coat, and heavy duty jackets.

Well-Selected Materials

A well-selected material is key to the success of any safety clothing project. So we always work with top material suppliers.

oxford yellow
Polyester Oxford
Certified fabric
Polyester Waterproof Fabric
black reflective tape
reflective tape with contrast color
safety vest reflective tape grey
Reflective Tape

Multiple Logo Options

Your logo is an important part of your business’s branding strategy. It’s important to make a good impression. We will recommend the best logo option for your project.

hi-vis jacket print
hi-vis jacket black
Screen Printing
hi-vis jacket reflective back
Reflective Heat Transfer Printing
hi-vis jacket COLOR
Heat Transfer Printing

Be Seen. Be Safe.

It’s very easy to increase visibility and decrease the risk of being involved in an accident. With or without reflective accessories can make a big difference when it comes to safety.

pink fabric

No Reflective Hi-Vis Jacket

Alice jacket

Reflective Hi-Vis Jacket

Alice jacket

Reflective Hi-Vis Jacket

Full Solution from Custom Hi Vis Jackets

Reflective Sportswear Size

Hi Vis Jacket Sizes

All the styles in the hi vis jacket range can be customized in different sizes. You can get the best size for your customers to fit their needs. And if you are new in buying, we can assist you with the right sizes.

Reflective Sportswear Color

Hi Vis Jacket Colors

The color of hi vis jackets can be customized to match the customer's needs or to ensure the tones strictly comply with specific safety standards.

jacket free sample

Hi Vis Jacket Styles

There is a wide selection of hi vis jackets in our range. Your hi vis jackets can also be customized in any style according to your purchasing budget. Our design team will work closely with you to create the perfect jacket design for your brand.

customer-based labeling

Hi Vis Jacket Private Labels

We could customize hi vis jackets with your private label that meets your needs and follows your brand identity guidelines. And the packaging could be customized according to your requirements as well.

Bulk Hi Vis Jackets From Lino Safety

As we aim to help businesses grow in their respective industries, we are offering hi vis jackets at affordable prices. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced production equipment. We offer countless designs for hi vis jackets. But if you have a specific design in mind, don’t worry! We have our own creative design team that will work with you hand in hand so you can transform your idea into reality. We will also offer recommendations so your product will have the best design that sets you apart from you competitors.

What are Hi Vis Jackets?

Hi vis jackets are made with fluorescent fabric and reflective tape. When people wear a hi vis jacket in work zone or any low light conditions, it makes them more visible and ensures their safety both in the daytime and in dark place.

How To Purchase The Right Hi Vis Jackets?- Guideline
  • The outer shell is made from high visibility fabric. The most popular fabric is 100% polyester oxford material. And we offer 150D, 300D, or 600D. Typically we recommend 300D, as 150D is thin and 600D is thick with high quality and higher price.
  • It should be reflective at 360 degrees, so one reflective tape must be a full circle around the hi vis jacket, in case of disconnection, and it cannot exceed 5cm.
  • For keeping warm, we have two inside lining material options. One is padding which is cost-effective, and the other is fleece lining.
  • The technical quality of reflective tapes should be identified and certified by international standards, like ISO,ANSI,CSA and AS NZS.
  • If you’re lookin for more tips for purchasing the right hi vis jackets, please feel free to contact us.
How To Clean Hi Vis Jackets?

Hi vis jackets should be cleaned in the right way to maintain their unique glowing appearance and to ensure the jackets last a long time.

Here are some tips when cleaning your jackets:

  • Use a soft cloth to clean dirt and debris off the hi vis jacket before you wash it.
  • Wash your hi vis jacket in cold water only.
  • Never wash the hi vis jacket with jeans, work clothes or other rough apparels.
  • Wash with a mild detergent.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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