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While workwear is not the most fashionable apparel in the wardrobe, it plays a very important part when you are working in any hazardous environment or on an industrial premises. And there are different standards and guidelines based on the various working zones to ensure  the safety of workers in these environments. 

As we all know, the competition in the safety industry is fierce, and many importers and buyers tend to source workwear with lower prices and cheap quality. At Lino, however, we can providesome ways to help you save purchasing costs but never compromise on quality. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products and expert service.

Lino aims to be a one-stop-shop supplier and manufacturer for all your workwear needs. We have an extensive range of quality workwear for different working zones such as construction, marine, oil and gas, processing, vessel support, fire, and agriculture. Is there something specific that you’re looking for? Please contact us and learn more.

Wholesale Workwear in Bulk

We produce workwear in large quantities so that customers will get competitive prices by importing custom workwear in bulk. And with our sustainable supply and on-time delivery, customers  can seize the best business opportunities and increase their sales. 

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Custom Workwear For Various Sports



It’s necessary for welders to dress in safety workwear when they are working on a project. This is so that sparks and embers don’t penetrate the fabric and make holes in their clothing.

oil workwear

Oil Rig Workers

The toughest oil rig workers are constantly working in harsh conditions. Safety workwear for them should be comfortable and lightweight, and breathability is also important for reducing heat strokes. It also prevents oil splashes from contaminating the skin.

auto mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Workwear for an auto mechanic is designed to help keep hazardous fluids including fuel and oils off their clothes and skin, while also helping to protect them in the event of a fire in the garage.



Loggers often work in all weather conditions to cut, skid, and load timbers for transportation. So they need durable workwear that allows for free movement and to protect the skin from cuts and scrapes.

Customize Your Workwear From a Chinese Manufacturer


Workwear Function

The function of workwear varies in terms of working zones. So when you are ready to source workwear, one of the considerations would be the function of the clothing. At Lino, we could assist you to customize work wear based on different kinds of functions and fits for specific working places.


Workwear Fabric

Different jobs require workwear to be made with specific materials. For example, oil rig workers may need flame-resistant fabric for workwear, and loggers may require fabric that’s more durable. Although the requirements for workwear are different, we work closely with fabric manufacturers so that we can customize all kinds of workwear for you.


Workwear Styles

Styles of workwear are different from country to country. We accept custom styles that fit in your marketplace. And if you can’t find styles on our website, please contact us and we will customize the styles based on your ideas and turn your designs into products.


Workwear Colors

Most workwear is made with dark color fabrics to keep clothing looking clean. At Lino, colors are fully customizable as well! We can provide different colors for your selection. And another way to customize your color is to provide the Pantone number so we can dye the color exactly the way you want it. 


Workwear Size

Countries, and even different brands have specific measurements. The size of your safety workwear could be customized according to your requirements. And we can provide samples in all sizes before mass production. 

rich packaging supplies

Workwear Packaging

At Lino Safety, we can customize the labels, bags, and hangtags that you prefer to package your product in. The difference is very important for your business including packaging. There are various options for your reference, and our designs will assist you throughout the whole process.

Get Workwear in Bulk Step-by-step

Just imagine, you will never need to look where to purchase workwear again after buying workwear in bulk from us. Since we design and manufacture all kinds of workwear with premium quality, you’ll enjoy the convenience of our one-stop-shop service.

We are ready to help you get your workwear in bulk using our quick step-by-step process.

step 1

We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

At Lino, once we get the detailed information for your request, we will respond within 12 hours even though there are time differences. We will support you in everything when you work with us. 

step 4 packaging

We Provide Free Samples for Your Evaluation

Once you confirme the design, we will move forward with making new workwear samples according to your specific requirements such as sizes, colors, and logos and revise it until you are satisfied.

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Mass Production With High Quality

After the samples are confirmed, mass production will start. We follow up on each production line from receiving raw materials, fabric cutting, sewing, and packing, to ensure you receive the best quality workwear. We are also transparent about the production process so you’re always informed about turnaround times.

on-time fast delivery

Inspection and Shipping

Before shipping out of China, we will do 100% inspection of finished goods for each customer, and then we provide detailed pictures of each stage of the inspection process. You can then explore many transportation options including sea freight, air freight, or even railway freight from us.

Benefit From Your Committed
Workwear Manufacturer

indoor work

Wholesale Workwear Price

There are many benefits to buying in bulk. The obvious one is you can save money with wholesale prices. We make efforts on helping customers to be competitive in their market by offering the best costs on wholesale workwear.

Fast Production Turnaround

Our advanced manufacturing equipment and talented workers allow fast production turnaround. Then you will get your order quicker so you cancatch the bestselling time in your market.

Free Workwear Samples

We provide free customized samples so you know exactly what you’re ordering before mass production begins. Additionally, you will understand more about how we communicate and the professional services we provide.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

We take every customer seriously. We support a lower minimum order quantity which is ideal for new importers or small businesses. Prices will be reasonable as well.

High Quality

We will inspect every product from receiving raw material to the finished goods in order to reduce the defect rate to 0. This ensures you’re selling the best quality workwear to your customers so you don’t have to worry about getting negative reviews.

Worry-Free Aftersales Services

Lino is not only a workwear supplier but also a long-term partner. When you receive the goods and find any problems, please feel free to contact us. We are part of your team to provide solutions to any queries you may experience working with us.

Buy Workwear in Bulk

Workwear is well worth the investment  for business owners. All business is in the traffic, mining, chemical, construction or medical industry, must have the proper workwear according to business standards..

If you want to know more about the market potential and trends for workwear for various industries, we are glad to share them with you.

By sourcing high-quality workwear from Lino Safety, your brand will be easily established and noticed by customers. Even if your brand is already well-known, and we are glad to add-value services to help expand your business with quality products. For further information about us and our products, please feel free to email us, we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

What Information Could Be Printed On The Private Label of Workwear?

Private labels allow sellers to create their own brand name in a large quantity of workwear. Here is a list of the type of  information that could be printed on private labels:

  • Trade name and address of the manufacturer
  • Fabric content
  • Brand name and model number
  • The standard for which the product is certified
  • Washing instructions

If you want additional information printed on your private labels, we could customize them according to your requirements.

Why Branded Workwear Is Important?

Companies can experience many  of benefits from branded workwear.

  • Easily to be noticed and remembered
  • Increasescustomer loyalty
  • An effective business card
  • Long-term advertising effects

For more information about how to customize your branded workwear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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