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Pets Manufacturer and Supplier in China

When pets owners walk their pets at night, it’s important that they can be seen by cyclists and drivers. A dog’s furry coat may be dark and absorb any available light, which means a different kind of dogs wear is needed so the pet can be seen in low light conditions .


Our pet reflective wear category includes reflective and high-visibility vests, jackets, coats for dogs and hi vis leg boots, hi vis rugs, hi vis ears, hi vis bands for horses. Keep dogs and horses visible in the daytime and in the dark. For our current category, we mainly focus on dogs and horse wear. However we will develop more pet wear for example, cat wear in the future.


We are a professional safety clothing manufacturer and supplier in China with over 16 years’ experience and we own a creative design team to help your pet stand out. We are devoted to providing the highest standard and unique styles pets wear to our customers. We would like to work closely with you and be your reliable business partner in China.

Wholesale Pets in Bulk

At Lino, we do not have stock for pets reflective wear. Most of our business type is made to order. Buy our pets reflective wear in bulk, we could provide the best wholesale price to help you compete with others. Different sizes, styles, and colors are available and can be customized too. 

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Custom Pets For Various Sports


Walking In The Rain

Put on bright colors and reflective wear to make sure your dog or horse walking in the rain are visible and safe.  

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In the street

Keeping dogs & horses visible in the street is the best way to keep them safe. Drivers and pedestrians will see pets at a further distance which will avoid accidents.


Playing On The Beach

In summer, a beach is a good place for dogs to play. Wearing high visibility clothing and a quick dry safety vest will help them enjoy the time while staying safe.


Hiking Tour

High visibility and reflective wear are safe for dogs when hunting, hiking, and camping. And it’s very easy to find them when they’re wearing reflective gear.

Customize Your Pets From a Chinese Manufacturer


Pets Reflective Wear Function

Looking for the perfect pets wear from Lino Safety? We could customize the style and function of the clothes. For example, if the dog is active, the coat should be with wide leg openings, so the dog won’t feel tight when running and jumping.


Pets Reflective Wear Material

Dogs are like little children. They like to play outdoors and always get dirty and wet. So usually, customers will require waterproof, washable and rip-stop materials for their dogs safety clothing. We can help to customize materials as you require. 


Pets Reflective Wear Styles​

If you cannot find any pets wear design you are looking for, we could customize styles according to your ideas. Initial draw sketches for new styles will be provided within 12 hours. Then you can select from them. ​


Pets Reflective Wear Colors

We have many bright colors in stock for your choice and allow in lower minimum order quantity. We also accept customize colors with a specific Pantone numbers as well.


Pets Reflective Wear Size

Pets wear involves many sizes. We will provide a standard size for each style of pets wear. If standard sizes don’t fit your needs, we can customize your order based on your measurements. 

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Pets Reflective Wear Packing

Custom packing is important to every product if you want to increase your brand recognition and value. We accept custom packing at affordable prices. We offer private labels, hang tags, and logo designs for your pets reflective wear as well.

Get Pets in Bulk Step-by-step

If you are visiting the website for the first time and are interested in working with us, here is a brief introduction to buying pets wear in bulk from us. For more detailed information, we are always online to answer.

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We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We’d love to hear from every customer. For saving you time, we will reply to you within 12 hours although there are time differences between us. Email, WhatsApp, and calls are all available options.

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We Provide Free Samples for Your Evaluation

In order to ensure the products you are going to order is the quality you expect, we will provide free samples for your evaluation. When you confirmed the details and quality, we can go for mass production.

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Mass Production With High Quality

We have many methods to control our products in mass production. For example, we will do 100% inspection for final products. Our talented workers are trained to care about the quality rather than quantity.

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Inspection and Shipping

Before shipping, our quality control team will do inspections for the finished products, including logo colors, logo positions, private labels, and quantities. And you will never receive wrong or defective products from us.

Benefit From Your Committed
Pets Manufacturer


Wholesale Pets Wear Price

Lino offers the best value pets wear in your market with the best possible wholesale prices.

Fast Production Turn-Around

A fast production turn-around helps you get more business opportunities. And we could help to plan the time in advance according to your buying plan.

Free Pets Reflective Wear Samples

Before placing an order, sample testing is always necessary. Then you will know the quality and details of the real products. 

Low Minimum Order Quantity

For dogs wear, we allow 500 pieces for a minimum order quantity. We are willing to support you and explore the market together.

High Quality

We are knowledgeable of the pets wear industry. Experienced workforce makes sure the highest standards are met for each piece.

Worry-Free Aftersales Services

For enhancing our brand reputation and gaining the trust of our customers, we always provide worry-free after-sales services. If you have any questions, we will respond within 12 hours.

Buy Pets in Bulk

As a design-oriented manufacturer with 16 years’ experience, Lino Safety has built reputation on the quality of our great pets wear and excellent services. We export our high-quality pets wear, including high visibility and reflective vests, raincoats, and jackets, at affordable prices all over the world.

We serve customers with great care and this is something we are proud of. We hope you will be our customers in the near future.

If you have any questions or queries about pets wear, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What Do You Need Consider When Designing A Reflective Dog Coat?

Fabric: What kind of fabric is suitable for the dog depends on the breed of dog, where they live, and their lifestyle.
Colors: What colors do your customers like?
Printing patterns: What printing patterns will be a hot sale?
Comfort: Will your design be practical for a pet to wear?
Lino owns a professional design team to help turn your ideas into products, just let me know your ideas.

How To Find The Perfect Dog Jackets For Winter?

Well, it’s hard to tell which dog jacket is the perfect one for winter. It depends on the dog's size, breed, and lifestyle.  We can help you to customize the dog winter jackets starting with the fabric. Then you will get a perfect design that fits your brand personality.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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