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When it comes to the safety of kids,  high-visibility and reflective clothing should be one of the most effective ways to keep them safe. A group of kids can benefit from reflective wear when they are riding bikes, playing outdoors, or walking to school and any other outdoor activities.

At Lino Safety, besides manufacturing and designing high visibility and reflective wear for adults, we focus on supplying great safety wear for kids too. Our reflective kids wear includes kids reflective safety vests, hi vis jackets, reflective covers, and hi vis accessories. There is a wide range for you to choose from.

However, most kids safety vests and other kids reflective wear on the market are really boring. In this case, sellers cannot make a higher profit in the kids wear category since styles and prices are not different from competitors. We provide fashionable kids wear with fun patterns and unique styles of high quality that are more popular in markets. So if you buy our kids wear in bulk, you can get more profit since your products are different from others.

Lino Safety is a design-oriented kids wear manufacturer and supplier from China with  over 16 years of experience. We firmly believe that design is a key differentiator in driving our business success and establishing our brand.

Work with us and get a free design for your kids wear NOW!

Wholesale Kids in Bulk

In the kids reflective wear category, we provide kids reflective safety vests,  jackets,  covers, and  accessories. We also support customizable clothing in different sizes, styles, and colors. 

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Custom Kids For Various Sports

running kid


Running is a classic game that is incredibly exciting and very popular among kids. Wearing high visibility and reflective clothing or accessories are vital for their safety during this activity.

cycling mom kid


Cycling is great fun and fantastic exercise for kids. The kids reflective wear with high visibility and stylish designs from Lino Safety increases the kids visibility both in the daytime and in low light conditions and thus increases their safety. 

Scooter kid


In recent years, scooters have increased in popularity among children. Our high visibility and reflective kids wear boosts their visibility and helps them STANDOUT.

Skiing kid


Kids often begin skiing at very young ages. Wearing our kids reflective wear with high quality and stylei increases their visibility to stay safe while enjoying skiing.

Customize Your Kids From a Chinese Manufacturer


Kids Reflective Wear Function

Kids need their high visibility and reflective safety wear with different functions. For example, when kids are skiing, they should be wearing clothing that can keep them warm and windproof. At Lino Safety, we always help customers to customize kids reflective wear with different functions and provide practical but stylish products. 


Kids Reflective Wear Material

Fabric is the main material used in most kids wear manufacturing. We work very closely with fabric manufacturers so that you can have various kinds of fabric to choose from. Besides fabric, other materials such as zippers and buckles can be customized for kids as well.


Kids Reflective Wear Styles​

We love customizing styles. We can customize styles based on the current ones and new products based on your ideas. What we want to do is make your products different from your competitors.​


Kids Reflective Wear Colors

Kids love bright colors rather than only black and white. bright colors add fun and joy to kids reflective wear. At Lino, colors could be fully customizable! Just let us know which colors you prefer. Another way is you can provide the Pantone number so we can dye the color exactly how you want. 


Kids Reflective Wear Size

Usually, we offer sizes for kids from 3 years old to 12 years old. It depends on which age group is your target group. However, different countries and regions have different size charts for kids. We can provide samples for your evaluation in all sizes before mass production.

rich packaging supplies

Kids Reflective Wear Packing

Customizing packing is important for your brand. It is usually complemented with company logos, texts, and colors. We provide customized packing for your kids reflective wear. And we will advise which packing design will be the most cost-effective. At Lino Safety, we also support private labels, hangtags, and logo customization.

Get Kids in Bulk Step-by-step

Buy kids reflective wear in bulk from us, and you will see how your sales numbers increase. If you are a new buyer, here is the guide to help you know how things really work with us. We will work very closely with you and make sure you will receive the perfect products every time. 

step 1

We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

Fast response is important for our business. All customers expect their questions to be responded to in a short time and we always reply within 12 hours or even less. Besides emails, WhatsApp, Wechat and calls, we can schedule a video meeting even ifthere is a time difference between us.

step 4 packaging

We Provide Free Samples for Your Evaluation

When you confirmed the design of kids reflective wear, we will move forward with making new samples under your requirements. Then you can test the quality, styles and sizes once you receive our samples. Logos on samples are available as well.

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Mass Production With High Quality

In a fiercely competitive industry, we fully understand the value of high-quality products. Our factory is equipped with advanced production facilities and can produce a large quantity of kid reflective wear in a short time without compromising on quality. 

on-time fast delivery

Inspection and Shipping

We will do 100% full inspection for finished goods, and then provide detailed pictures including styles, logos, workmanship, and packing. So you can confirm that the finished products have the same specifications stated in your purchase order. Then we will ship by sea or air according to your requirements.

Benefit From Your Committed
Kids Manufacturer

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Wholesale Kids Reflective Wear Price

There are many benefits for buying in bulk, and the obvious one is you can save money with wholesale prices.

Fast Production Turn-Around

Fast turnaround time means there will be less money spent on manpower,. Our strong production team can help you achieve short turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Free Kids Reflective Wear Samples

We could provide free customized samples which are made to your unique specifications. We take every sample seriously so that you will receive the sample with high quality.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

We support a lower minimum order quantity for new styles. What we want to do is help you assess what it will be like to work with us and grow your business.

High Quality

We make sure a 100% inspection from receiving raw material to cutting, printing, sewing, and packing. All of our kids reflective wear will keep kids safe and comfortable.

Worry-Free Aftersales Services

Our professional customer service does not only end when you receive goods, but also extends to after-sales services. You do not have to worry about any complaints from your customers, we will be your partner in solving them.

Buy Kids in Bulk

Hey, welcome to our website. Did you find any kids reflective wear styles you like? At Lino Safety, we aim to find mind-related partners all over the world and explore the market together, just like you. Whether you are an established brand or a new one, every customer is special and valued by us.

By buying kids reflective wear in bulk from Lino Safety, you will get one-on-one service. We are looking forward to having an initial conversation with you. 

How To Encourage Kids To Wear Reflective Wear?

When kids wear reflective wear, they may feel uncomfortable or feel like they don’t look cool. So they may refuse to wear their attire. Here are some tips for you:
Pick stylish kids safety wear for them and don’t limit yourself to the basic ones.
Instead of safety wear, reflective and high visibility accessories such as reflective armbands, backpack covers, and helmet covers are good ideas.
Schools can hold some activities to encourage them to wear reflective clothing.

How To Customize Kids Wear For Your School?

We could print your school’s name or students’ names on our high visibility and reflective kids wear. Different sizes, colors, and styles can be customized according to your requirements. So when walking to and from school, students will be visible and safe. For further details about customizing kids wear, please send your inquires to us and we will reply within 12 hours.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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