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Women Wear Manufacturer and Supplier in China

As the attention of high visibility women’s wear is high, Lino Safety develops a product category that is specifically designed for females. For now, we have women’s high visibility workwear, and reflective sportswear. And we are on the way to exploring more styles.

We focus on great products for women since we know many Chinese manufacturers don’t care about women’s real needs, they only make smaller sizes or girly colors based on men’s designs.

But we do plenty of market research to make clothes women will want to wear. We are a professional, detail oriented and product oriented women’s wear manufacturer and supplier in China with over 16 years of experience. We are devoted to providing high-quality clothes, fast turnaround times, and excellent services to our customers. Besides providing great women’s wear, we will help you boost your brand and increase sales.

Wholesale Women Wear in Bulk

Most of our business type is made to order. Buy our high visibility women’s wear category in bulk, including women’s high visibility clothing,  workwear and reflective sportswear. Big order quantities come with competitive prices. We provide customized clothing in different sizes, styles, and colors too. 

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Custom Women Wear For Various Sports

women Building Construction

Women Construction Workers

The number of women employed in the construction industry grew substantially over the years, so the demand for women’s high visibility work wear is high.

railway construction women

Women Railway Workers

Evidence shows that more and more women work in railway construction. However, ill-fitting men’s work wear for women put them at risk. It’s necessary to provide the right work wear for women.

men cycling

Women Cyclists

Cycling is a great activity for women, and one of the best ways to stay safe is by being highly visible. Wearing high visibility and comfortable sportswear will help them enjoy the journey while staying safe.

outdoor women

Women Outdoors

If you are out walking, running, or hiking wearing high visibility and reflective sportswear can help you be seen in the daytime and in low-light conditions.

Customize Your Women Wear From a Chinese Manufacturer


High Visibility Women’s Wear Function

Functionality is important in women’s wear, especially when it comes to outdoor activities and working. Customization is key in order to ensure a good fit and proper function for different groups. We are available to support customized functions for your women’s high visibility wear, such as water resistence, breathability, warmth and more.


High Visibility Women’s Wear Materials

We developed a close relationship with top material manufacturers to ensure you get different materials to choose from. If you are new to women’s wear and have no experience with different fabrics , we could assist you with our material knowledge.


High Visibility Women’s Wear Styles

Besides our current women’s wear styles, we are keeping updated with new styles regularly to fulfill your product category. And if you have any ideas about new styles, we are more than happy to turn your ideas into real products.


High Visibility Women’s Wear Colors

Women's clothes come in many colors, but you can choose various colors for your order. Simply tell us the Pantone number so we could develop your specified color for you. Or we could provide available similar colors in stock that will allow a lower order quantity.


High Visibility Women’s Wear Size

Different styles have different size charts for women’s wear. You can provide the required size charts for women’s wear then we will customize your order for you. Free samples in all sizes for pre-production will be provided for your confirmation.

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High Visibility Women’s Wear Packing

Customized packaging will allow you to give your women’s work wear a more unique design and it will be much easier to establish your brand. With our help, you can get packaging that fits into your budget. We offer private labels, hangtags, and logo designs for your women’s wear as well.

Get Women Wear in Bulk Step-by-step

As our production capacity expands year by year, we will be able to develop and deliver your products faster. This is so  we can support you to catch your selling time by never delaying your order 

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We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

In order to maximize efficiency and respect your time, we will reply to you within 12 hours. Then we can avoid any unnecessary delays caused by time differences. We have multi-ways for our timely communication such as email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Meeting, or through Calls.

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We Provide Free Samples for Your Evaluation

We are fast on sample production then you can test the quality and styles of the products. When you confirm your order, we can go for mass production. If you are not satisfied with it, we could improve it and send a second sample. We are always  patient to develop a new product.

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Mass Production With High Quality

Our production processes begins with evaluations of raw materials. And our advanced production capabilities ensure our high visibility women’s wear has the highest quality which you can see in the   samples you received.

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Inspection and Shipping

After the products have been completed, we will do a 100% inspection to ensure the quality and details meet your requirements. Inspection pictures will be sent to you and then we will arrange the shipping. We can help check the most effective shipping methods if you need. 

Benefit From Your Committed
Women Wear Manufacturer

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Wholesale reflective sportswear Price

The cost of importing women wear in bulk is much lower than the cost of producing it in other countries. Since China is the largest supply chain of raw materials.

Fast Production Turn-Around

Besides our high productivity allows you to receive goods on time. We could help plan the time in advance according to your buying plan.

Free High Visibility Women’s Wear Samples

Before placing the order, we will send free samples for your testing. Or you can send your sample to us, we will make a counter sample for your evaluation.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Starting a new product can be risky, so we allow a lower order quantity for your trial. Usually, our order quantity will be between 500-1000 pieces but differ from product to product.

High Quality

Ensuring high-quality products and services is one way to help businesses get consumers to appreciate and believe in what they have to offer.

Worry-Free Aftersales Services

We provide worry-free after sales services since we believe it is a way to enhance our brand reputation and gain the trust of our customers. For any questions, we will respond within 12 hours.

Buy Women Wear in Bulk

At Lino Safety, we are devoted to developing more and more new women wear products so you can find everything  you want. You will find your sales number is increasing when you start selling our high visibility women’s wear. What are you waiting for, send an inquiry to us now!

Moreover, if you have new ideas about high visibility women’s wear, we are open to working with you and developing new products. Lino Safety is always looking for like-minded partners in high visibility women’s wear, just like you.

What Are The Advantages of High Visibility Women’s Wear

Although the high visibility women’s wear market is smaller than the men’s for now, the attention to women’s wear is high. Since the power of women continues to grow, their well-fitting wear needs are being taken seriously. And fewer leading brands are developing women’s wear, so the pie is big enough for every brand.

How to Select the Right Women’s Wear?

Well, it depends on your brand position. If you are a sportswear brand, we recommend reflective women’s gilets and jackets. But if you are a workwear brand, our women’s high visibility vests are fit for you. If you have no idea about which category to order, contact us and we will introduce women’s wear that fits your market and product category.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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