Children Horse Riding Safety Vest

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3-12 years old



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Tricot, Mesh

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The Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vest is an essential item for young equestrians, providing both safety and style. Specially designed for horse riding, this vest caters to the needs of both boys and girls, ensuring their protection without compromising on fashion.

Putting on the Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vest is a breeze, with a simple design that even children can manage on their own. The side Velcro adjustments allow the vest to fit snugly to the body, ensuring that the clothing won’t become a hindrance during movement.

Given our rich experience in producing Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vests, we recognize a significant market demand for this type of product. With a majority of designs tailored for adults, the inclusion of our children’s vest is an excellent way to diversify your product line. We are committed to elevating your products to new heights and look forward to assisting you in this endeavor. Get in touch with us today and take a step towards enhancing safety and style for young riders!


The Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vest is specifically designed to address the unique safety needs of young equestrians. Unlike standard safety vests, our Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vest is tailored to fit the child’s body, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

Featuring a pullover side closure and Velcro waist adjustments, our vest is easy to put on and can be customized to fit snugly without hindering movement. The short design with side slits ensures that the vest will not roll up under the buttocks, allowing for free movement during riding.

Constructed with highly visible fluorescent fabrics, the Children’s Horse Riding Safety Vest ensures that riders are easily seen during the day. We also offer various certified reflective materials, including reflective printing or reflective PVC, to suit your needs. The bright, child-friendly colors and exclusive designs make this vest appealing to young riders.


  • Both boys and girls can wear it, and it can be made into an adult style on this basis
  • Low MOQ, suitable for newbies who want to be fit to try
  • Four-season styles, no need to worry about sales season restrictions
  • Exclusive design, different from common products


  • 100% polyester, breathable & comfortable fabric
  • Certified reflective PVC tape
  • Adjustable waist with hook and loop closure
  • Contrast piping

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