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One size fits all



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100% Polyester

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Velcro, Buckle

This Hi Vis Backpack Cover is beautiful and functional, specially designed for children. Hi-Vis Backpack Cover supports a variety of closure met

The Hi-Vis Backpack Cover is an innovative and practical solution designed specifically for children. With a variety of closure methods and adjustable features, it fits most backpacks, providing added safety and protection.

Crafted from imported certified materials, the Hi Vis Backpack Cover not only ensures visibility but also supports custom storage bags, allowing for a personalized touch. With various styles to choose from, we also offer one-to-one design services to make your products stand out and be more competitive in the market.

What sets our Hi Vis Backpack Cover apart is its affordability. With a low unit price, compact size, and economical shipping, it’s an ideal promotional product that offers both value and functionality. Don’t miss the chance to enhance children’s safety and promote your brand with this unique and versatile item. Contact us today for more details!

hods and can be adjusted to fit most backpacks. This Hi Vis Backpack Cover is made of imported certified materials and supports custom storage bags.

Hi-Vis Backpack Cover has a variety of styles to choose from, and we also provide one-to-one design services to make your products more competitive. Hi Vis Backpack Cover has a low unit price, small size, and cheap shipping. It is a rare promotional product.


Ensure children’s safety on the road with our Hi Vis Bag Cover. Specially designed for children, this reflective cover not only increases visibility in low-light environments but also offers protection to the backpack, shielding it from rain and other extreme weather conditions.

Unlike common safety backpack covers that merely modify adult models, our Hi Vis Bag Cover is tailored specifically for children. Made with certified reflective material, it ensures ultra-long-distance visibility, providing extra security on foggy days. Our design team has created patterns and styles that appeal to children, making safety fashionable and beautiful.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Hi-Vis Bag Cover is available in a variety of styles and patterns, suitable for both boys and girls. With its low unit price and high value, it’s a perfect promotional product. We even offer small batch customization to support your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance children’s safety with a functional and appealing product. Contact us today for design solutions tailored to your needs!


  • Designed for children
  • Great reflective products to fulfill or optimize your production line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Small volume with less shipping cost
  • Lower order quantity support
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • Reflective material
  • Unique graphic design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Support customized storage bags

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