Hi Viz Running Gear

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One size fits all


Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue



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Stretchable polyester

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Hi Viz Running Gear exemplifies everything an excellent running product should possess. Designed with runners’ needs in mind, it effortlessly combines comfort, functionality, and safety.

Constructed with ultra-light and breathable mesh fabric, Hi-Viz Running Gear ensures that the runner feels no additional burden while exercising. The fabric allows for effective ventilation and minimizes overheating, providing an enhanced running experience.

Safety is at the forefront of Hi-Viz Running Gear’s design, incorporating certified reflective material. This feature guarantees visibility in low-light environments, adding a critical layer of protection for runners.



Hi Viz Running Gear is the epitome of combining functionality with convenience for runners. Tailored to fit the unique demands of running, Hi-Viz Running Gear offers features that not only enhance safety but also elevate the overall running experience.

One of the standout features of Hi-Viz Running Gear is its use of standard-compliant reflective materials. This ensures visibility during night-time runs or in low-visibility conditions, thereby providing an additional layer of safety. Coupled with the bright and highly visible colors, it makes the runner more noticeable to others.

Designed with comfort in mind, Hi-Viz Running Gear incorporates breathable mesh fabric, making it lightweight and promoting efficient heat dissipation. The adjustable waist Velcro allows for a snug fit, minimizing shaking and providing a more comfortable running experience.

Moreover, the zipped patch pockets offer a practical solution for storing essential items such as keys, mobile phones, or earphones. With an option to customize logos or patterns, Hi-Viz Running Gear can be tailored to align with your brand’s aesthetics.


  • Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Lightweight, small size, low transportation cost
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • The same style for men and women can be worn in all seasons
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • 100% polyester mesh
  • Certified reflective material
  • High-performance sewn-on reflective tape
  • 1 pocket inside
  • Hook and loop fastener, easy on/off

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