Ladies Hi Vis Safety Trousers


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Polyester cotton

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ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Class E

Ladies Hi Vis Safety Trousers are expertly designed to cater to women working in high-risk outdoor environments, including road maintenance, construction sites, and logging. Recognizing the growing demand for women’s safety equipment, these trousers can become a key addition to your product line, enhancing safety without compromising on fit and comfort.

Often paired with a coordinating top, the Ladies Hi Vis Trousers can be sold as a set, adding higher value to your offerings. These trousers come equipped with all the necessary features, such as the 360° wrap-around reflective strip for visibility in low light conditions and multiple functional pockets for storing tools and other essentials.


Ladies Hi Vis Safety Trousers are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of women working in outdoor environments. These trousers are more than just a piece of safety equipment; they are a statement that women’s workwear deserves the same attention and specialization as men’s.

Constructed with durable fabric, these trousers resist abrasion and dirt, ensuring long-lasting wear. The standout feature is the 360° wrap-around reflective strip, providing visibility from a distance in low light conditions, a crucial aspect for safety on the job.

But these trousers aren’t just about safety and durability; they’re designed with women in mind. Unlike unisex options, Ladies Hi Vis Safety Trousers offer a sleeker look and slimmer fit that accentuates the female body without compromising on practicality. Multiple functional pockets and components provide easy storage for tools and everyday work necessities.

If you’re a brand specializing in PPE, these trousers present an opportunity to diversify and elevate your product line. They reflect a thoughtful consideration for women’s needs in the workplace, and with our free exclusive design service, we’ll help make your brand even more distinguishable.

Invest in Ladies Hi Vis Safety Trousers and show your commitment to providing quality, tailored solutions for women in the workforce.


  • Designed for women
  • Indispensable PPE products
  • More durable and stronger, suitable for most scenes
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • 2” wide reflective tape and reflective
  • Multi-Pockets for storing the tools

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