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Reflective Beanie Hat
Reflective Beanie Hat
Reflective Beanie Hat black

Reflective Beanie Hat

The Reflective Beanie Hat woven with reflective yarn is undoubtedly the most suitable item for promotion in autumn and winter. The Reflective Beanie Hat is unisex, one size fits all.

Reflective Beanie Hat not only has the strong reflective performance to ensure the safety of users but also has warmth retention. It is a multi-functional fashion item. Reflective Beanie Hat is small in size, low in production cost, and basic in style. It is very popular among people.

We provide exclusive one-to-one service. No matter what your budget range is, our professional sales staff will provide you with the best choice.

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Description of Reflective Beanie Hat

An essential item for cold autumn and winter——Reflective Beanie Hat. As we all know, extreme weather is very common in autumn and winter, such as rainy, foggy or snowy days, these weathers are often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature, so in this environment, not only road safety is very important, but also the function of keeping warm is also important, and these Requests for a reflective beanie hat can be met. To be precise, Reflective Beanie Hat adds reflective performance to the wool cap. Reflective Beanie Hat is woven with certified reflective yarn, which can make users easily found in low-light environments and improve safety.

Reflective Beanie Hat not only has excellent reflective performance but also has strong thermal performance, and it is also a very good thermal product. Reflective Beanie Hat is low in production cost, small in size and relatively low in transportation cost, and has some men’s and women’s styles, so it is more suitable for promotional products. If you don’t have reflective products for autumn and winter, Reflective Beanie Hat is a very suitable product to enrich your product line. In order to support your business development we support small batch customization. Of course, if you want Reflective Beanie Hat to be more brand recognizable, we provide a variety of design options, such as brand labels in different materials. We have in-depth cooperation with many surface accessories suppliers, so we can provide you with the latest accessories solutions on the market to ensure that your Reflective Beanie Hat is unique.

We have rich experience in making Reflective Beanie Hat, so a strong factory can ensure that the products are completed on time as required. Reflective Beanie Hat is subject to seasonal sales restrictions, and delivery time is very important. Once missed, it will cause inventory squeeze, so we choose well-known freight forwarders and logistics to ensure that your sales will not be delayed. We hope not only to provide you with high-quality products but also all-round excellent services.

Benefits of Reflective Beanie Hat

  • Small size, low transportation cost
  • Low MOQ, suitable for newbies who want to be fit to try
  • Unisex styles for everyone
  • Basic best-selling models, no need to worry about inventory backlog
  • Relatively low cost, suitable for promotional products

Features of Reflective Beanie Hat

  • Dura-layer
  • Made of reflective thread for 360° visibility
  • Soft-touch and lightweight breathable micro-fleece lining

Which Reflective Beanie Hat is right for you?

For this Reflective Beanie Hat, you can choose the style and accessories according to your needs. The following Reflective Beanie Hat all support custom fabrics, sizes, labels, patterns, and logos.

Fleece lining


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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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