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Reflective Dog Raincoat silver
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Reflective Dog Raincoat

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Reflective Dog Raincoat is specially designed for pets to go out in the rain, suitable for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs, and supports multi-size customization.

Reflective Dog Raincoat uses high-density waterproof material to ensure that the dog does not get wet in rainy days. The mesh lining of Reflective Dog Raincoat can help keep the dog’s hair dry.

Reflective Dog Raincoat supports two closure methods, whether it is Velcro or buckle, it is very easy to wear and will not cost the dog owner a lot of time.

We provide one-on-one Reflective Dog Raincoat design services to make your brand more recognizable and competitive.

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Description of Reflective Dog Raincoat

Whether it’s summer or winter, Lino Safety has safety products designed for dogs to go out, and for rainy days, we also have a dedicated Reflective Dog Raincoat.

While it’s best for dogs to stay indoors on rainy days, as the field can wet their coats and potentially catch them cold, a Reflective Dog Raincoat can take the owner’s doubts away from rainy weather.

Reflective Dog Raincoat is made of high-density waterproof material, which can keep the dog from getting wet even in the case of heavy precipitation. In the environment of rainy days, people’s sight will be affected to a certain extent, so this Reflective Dog Raincoat also has high-saturated colors and standard-compliant reflective materials to provide extra safety for dogs.

The Reflective Dog Raincoat has a wide adjustable cap, which is not only waterproof but also windproof, giving the dog some warmth.

Reflective Dog Raincoat supports Velcro or buckle closure, both of which can be easily worn without wasting too much time for the owner.

Regarding Reflective Dog Raincoat, we not only provide design solutions but also provide a full range of services such as craftsmanship, processing, surface accessories, packaging, etc.

Benefits of Reflective Dog Raincoat

  • Styles designed fordogs
  • Enrich your outdoor product line
  • Support small batch customization
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation

Features of Reflective Dog Raincoat

  • 100%polyester
  • Certified reflective tape with contrasting color
  • Light mesh lining
  • Hook & loop closure for chest size adjustment
  • Adjustable drawstring for neck size
  • 1 Leash portal

Which Reflective Dog Raincoat is right for you?

For this Reflective Dog Raincoat, you can choose the style and accessories according to your needs. The following Reflective Dog Raincoat all support custom fabrics, sizes, labels, patterns, and logos.

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