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Reflective Vest Construction

Reflective Vest Construction is a vest designed specifically for construction workers. Reflective Vest Construction uses both tricot and mesh for more breathability. Reflective Vest Construction is ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 Compliant, suitable for sale in the US market, and it is also a best seller.

Reflective Vest Construction has a variety of options to choose from, and you can choose from different pockets and components depending on the application. Of course, we can provide your own design solutions and products to help you improve your brand recognition and expand the consumer market.

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Item No.





Yellow, Orange



Fabric Type

Tricot, Mesh

Closure Type



ANSI 107 Type R, Class 2 Compliant

Description of Reflective Vest Construction

This Reflective Vest Construction is designed for construction workers. Safety vests should not only have a protective effect but should be designed in consideration of the actual use situation. This Reflective Vest Construction is ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 Compliant and is very popular in the US market.

Reflective Vest Construction not only provides protection for users, but we can better meet the needs of consumers. Reflective Vest Construction has a variety of pockets to choose from, such as clear ID bags, 2-tire pen pockets, iPad pockets, paint can pockets, and more. Reflective Vest Construction’s multifunctional pockets can fully meet the needs of work, of course, we can customize additional accessories, such as adding a cooling shoulder in hot weather. Reflective Vest Construction relieves workers’ neck pressure by adding a padded neck, and additionally reinforced webbing makes Reflective Vest Construction more wear-resistant and durable. Reflective Vest Construction uses breathable, high-visibility fabrics to keep workers safe while making the experience better. Reflective Vest Construction’s certified reflective materials keep workers safe and visible in low-light environments.

Such a Reflective Vest Construction is suitable for all seasons and is very practical. If you only sell basic safety vests, Reflective Vest Construction is a good choice for most outdoor work situations. If you already have similar styles on sale, it is also a good choice to choose our Reflective Vest Construction, because our products are constantly updated, for example, the mobile phone pockets on the market may only be suitable for the size of the iPhone 6, they have not been Data is updated, and every year our Reflective Vest Construction makes adjustments to various parts of the product based on the data report. Of course, Reflective Vest Construction supports exclusive customization, you can send your request, and we will provide one-to-one exclusive service. We want to help you get a better and more suitable product for you.

Benefits of Reflective Vest Construction

  • A must-have product for the PPE brand
  • Customized logos, private labels…
  • Different design options according to your purchasing budget
  • Fulfill and optimize your production line
  • Samples are available for your evaluation
  • Be your partner to boost your brand and increase sales

Features of Reflective Vest Construction

  • Polyester tricot front, mesh back
  • Certified reflective material
  • Sew on 2″ reflective tape
  • Havey duty zipper front closure
  • Grommets, 2 chest radio tabs
  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Padded neck for comfit fit
  • Reinforced with durable webbing
  • ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 Compliant

Which Reflective Vest Construction is right for you?

For this Reflective Vest Construction, you can choose the style and accessories according to your needs. The following Reflective Vest Construction all support custom fabrics, sizes, labels, patterns, and logos.

Reflective tape

 2"wide with 3"contrasting color

 2"wide with 3"contrasting color


Number of pockets








Radio tabs




Back D-Ring access



Heavy-duty black bottom


Cooling shoulder



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