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Safety Construction Gear
Safety Construction Gear
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Safety Construction Gear

This EN 20471-compliant Safety Construction Gear is intended for use by technicians working in the construction industry.

Safety Construction Gear can not only provide the most basic safety protection, the biggest advantage is that it has multiple pockets and parts for item storage.

The production process of Safety Construction Gear is complicated, and it has more uses, so it is a product with high value. If your product line only has basic safety vests, it is far from enough. Safety Construction Gear can enrich your product line very well.

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Description of Safety Construction Gear

Architects, geological surveyors, and surveyors need Safety Construction Gear with more functions than safety protection. These professionals need to store a lot of items and tools on the job, so the Safety Construction Gear specially designed for them can fully meet.

Safety Construction Gear adopts polyester solid with foam mesh, which can reduce the burden of use to a certain extent, not only that, but the highly visible fluorescent color can also make it easy to be found in noisy environments. Safety Construction Gear also uses certified reflective materials, 360° surround, no matter from which angle, users can be found at a long distance.

Safety Construction Gear has a lot of pockets, including chest pockets, hem pockets, back pockets and other unused areas. In order to hang and place tools more conveniently, Safety Construction Gear also has extra tabs.

Safety Construction Gear is a high-value product because of its complicated workmanship and high technical requirements. And our rich production experience can completely provide you with high-quality Safety Construction Gear.

Maybe you have your own similarity to this Safety Construction Gear, and we support adjustments based on this. You can increase or decrease the number of pockets or change the shape of the pockets, which can improve brand recognition and be more competitive in the market.

Benefits of Safety Construction Gear

  • IndispensablePPE products
  • High quality, high value
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation

Features of Safety Construction Gear

  • Polyester solid with foam mesh
  • Durable zipper closure
  • Sewn-on reflective tape and special pattern heat transfer tape at each side
  • 4 lower pockets in 2-tier design.one with zipper closure and the other is velcro closure.2 upper pockets with flap
  • EN 20471 class 1 compliant

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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