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Reflective Materials

Quality of reflective materials is the key to all safety clothing and is not negotiable when life is at risk.

We have been partnering with world-renowned brands for reflective materials, including 3M. They meet ISO 20471, ANSI 107, CSA, AS NZS, and other relevant requirements and standards.

Moreover, the reflective materials are tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory of our suppliers in various factors for abrasion, flexibility, tensile strength, temperature variation, washing cycle, and impact of rainfall and spatter on the reflectivity.

Comprehensive Inspections in All Directions

Thorough Fabric Inspection

With strict inspection standards, we ensure the fabric and reflective material go through the following tests:

  • Weight test to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Luminance and Chromaticity Coordinates to ensure the background fabric meets safety standards.
  • Density test to check fabric tightness.
  • Width and length measurement for correct sizing.
  • Thickness test to ensure the material’s consistency.
  • Shrinkage test to avoid significant fabric shrinkage.
  • Color fastness test for stable hues that don’t fade.
  • Defect inspection to prevent obvious flaws.
  • Reflective material testing to ensure it meets safety standards.
  • Tearing strength test topreventsplitting of fabric.
  • Waterproof test to ensure the waterproof performance.

Careful Accessory Inspection

We also pay close attention to all the accessories because even the smallest  parts make a huge effect. For example, if the main front zipper is broken, the whole outfit is useless. This is why we still uphold rigorous inspection for the accessories we make:


  • The barcodes will be scanned to ensure their correctness.
  • All the labels are checked to ensure clearness and conformity.
  • The color, length, smoothness, and brand of zippers are checked.
  • The bags are checked to ensure their quality.
  • Timely quality issue follow-up and feedback to related suppliers for quality improvement.
zipper test
Safety vest inspection

Multiple Finished Safety Clothing Inspections

Before we deliver your order to you, all the finished safety clothing will undergo responsibly conducted inspections to ensure the perfect output:

  • Overall inspection: Check the size of garments, the model number, tag info, and certification info to ensurecorrectness.
  • Front inspection: Accurate straight, flat, no thread breakage, no holes, even visible stitch, correct printing, and labels.
  • Lining inspection: Proper trademark and washing labels, smooth touch with no wrinkles, no leaks, or dead folds.
  • Back and sleeve inspection: Correct filling position, flat, no thread breakage, no holes, even stitch, exact printing, and labels.
  • Packaging inspection: Comprehensive protection with each piece of garment flatly placed and with precise labeling.

Test Equipment

Not all safety clothing factories have the capability to equip themselves with advanced quality inspection facilities. Our manufacturing center is armed with test equipment to ensure our safety clothing meets your requirements and safety standards.

fabric luminance and chromaticity testing
fabric weight
retroreflective performance tester
water permeability resistance tester
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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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