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Importance of Safety Clothing & Types of Safety Apparel Required While Cycling

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The market outlook for manufacturers and retailers of high visibility clothing and cycling wear remains promising. North America, particularly the US and UK, will continue to present relevant opportunities to vendors in these industries.

According to a report issued by Technavio, a global market research company headquartered in London, the global high visibility clothing industry can potentially grow by $313.92 M from 2021 to 2025. Growth momentum for the period is estimated to accelerate at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.01%.

During the five-year period, North America is predicted to remain the biggest market for high-visibility apparel with a growth rate of 37.79%.

Another research firm, US-based Grand View Research, estimates the global cycling apparel market to have been worth $5.49 B in 2019. Further growth is anticipated at a CAGR of 4.6% until 2027.

Importance of Safety Clothing While Cycling

The time it takes for a driver to notice cyclists and oncoming vehicles is 1 to 2 seconds. This is a small window if you consider how easy it is for drivers to look away or get distracted by something else. Big obstacles and vehicles are easier to notice while smaller objects such as bicycles and their cyclists are less visible. By the time the driver notices a cyclist, it may be too late.

The time of day drastically affects visibility. Cycling at night can be dangerous. With the loss of natural light, bikers shouldn’t solely rely on tiny bike lights to get noticed on the road. Something better and bigger is needed.

Types of Safety Apparel Required While Cycling

There are strict standards that clothing manufacturers have to meet when it comes to safety apparel. These types of clothing provide cyclists with adequate protection through increased visibility. Cyclist consumers are encouraged to purchase and use high-visibility clothing whenever they’re on the road.

During the day, bright fluorescent clothing is recommended. At night, however, bright colors should be traded in for clothes with as much reflective material as possible. Here are options that we ought to consider making available so we can provide cyclists with maximum visibility when on the road with drivers who may be distracted.

List of items

High Visibility & Adjustable Safety Belt Cycling/Running Sash

A safety belt might not seem like a functional item to wear. After all, it is small and covers much less area than a jacket or vest. However, even narrower, smaller sashes hugely increase the chances of being spotted on a poorly lit road.

Safety belts are designed to be breathable and are made of light fabric so they can easily be layered on top of clothing. They have a universal fit that can be adjusted according to different body types and sizes. The belts are made of straps of fabric that go across the chest and waist. Reflective material goes on top of these straps to provide 360-degree visibility.

High Visibility Waterproof Bike Helmet Cover

Since cyclists’ heads are their highest point, they make a good spot for reflective material.

If a cyclist’s bike helmet doesn’t already have reflective material on it, they can use a bike helmet cover for safety. Fluorescent, one-size-fits-all bike helmet covers are an extra layer that goes on top of bike helmets. They are usually made of waterproof and dustproof material like polyester with reflective designs or patterns on top.

For added visibility, some bike helmet covers allow users to attach a bike light on top.

Reflective Waterproof Backpack Cover

A backpack contains all the cyclist’s valuables. It’s important to protect it not just from thieves but from the elements as well. Similar to helmet covers, backpack covers are made of wind, dust, and waterproof materials. They usually have adjustable fasteners which go across the back of the pack so they do not come off easily.

A backpack does more than protect everything in it from getting wet and dusty. It can also be made to help with visibility. To ensure utmost safety while cycling, a backpack cover with reflective properties works well. Backpack covers are available in different sizes. When choosing covers, cyclists have to make sure that they fit the size of the backpacks they use.

Backpack covers come in fun colors like yellow, orange, pink, black, and more. They can be selected to match a certain backpack color or outfit without cramping anyone’s sense of style.

Reflective Jackets and Vests

Reflective jackets and vests are more traditional and popular options for high-visibility clothing. Since they’re meant to be worn on top of clothing, they are usually made from light fabrics that have a mesh lining to keep cyclists cool while protecting them from the elements.

Vests are ideal for warm tropical weather while jackets work better in windy and cooler climates. When used for visibility, both pieces of clothing come with strategically placed reflective fabric.

If jackets and vests are too warm to be worn, look to safety belts or running sashes. After all, safety shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort.

Always Ensure Safety While Biking!

Biking down city and country roads should be done safely. While drivers should be alert and keep their eyes on the road, cyclists should make being spotted as easy as possible.

There are other things that can make cycling safer for cyclists and other people who use the road. Feel free to share these safety-related road rules for consumers looking to practice safer cycling habits.

Road Rules for a Safe Biking Trip

  • Ride with the flow of traffic.
  • Keep eyes peeled for obstacles or vehicles that are on the road.
  • Look for and follow road signals and signs.
  • Watch for moving vehicles and pedestrians when turning or switching lanes.

As retailers of cycling apparel and high-visibility cycling clothing, we are not only a part of a growing industry; we also play an important part in helping cyclists enjoy the sport more safely.

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