Endless Possibilities of Innovation

Innovative processes tailored to service our diverse clients.

Feeding the Fires of Innovation

At Lino Safety, we have a passion for innovation and creativity. We are constantly embracing new technologies and developing safety clothing ideas to benefit our customers and their products in novel and exciting ways. We believe the possibilities for achieving outstanding safety clothing are virtually endless

Innovation within LINO SAFETY is more than a process, it’s a culture.

An Eye for Safety Clothing:
Creative Inspiration Brought to Life

We are developing safety clothing that continually improves the customer experience.

service design

Latest Designs

Reflective material is the most safe fabrics you can get. At Lino, we have combined various reflective material with the skill and experience of our designers to create functional, fashionable, lovely safety clothing for all applications and markets.

In recent years, the demand for women’s safety vests are increasing. We study women’s safety vests in the market and study feedback and complaints of women workers to come up with new designs. We ensure our new designs provide women with the comfort and style they want when it comes to safety clothing.

Value-Added Accessories

We are passionate about improvements through our accessories. Our team dedicates time and energy to researching what really matters to consumers and then provides the proposal to you to boost your brand identity.

With the largest range of accessories in China, we can create endless possibilities for adding value to brands with the following:

  • Zippers
  • Hangtags
  • Labels
  • Logo printing
  • Packaging bag
  • Zipper pullers
  • Badge

Bottle Art Inspiration

Find creative ideas below from Lino Safety and artists like you to get inspired.

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