Warehousing and Logistics

Transportation department assists you with all your warehousing and logistical challenges.


Why inventory matters

Lino has strategic warehouses located in China. We understand that numerous customers do not have the proper space required to house their inventory. Your various stock challenges or specific inventory needs will be fully supported, regardless of whether you are a dealer, wholesaler, distributor, or brand owner. We can work with you on a warehousing program to meet your company’s needs.

Benefits in Your Hands

With our reliable storage and delivery services, you can save yourself from so many worries.

Flexible Stock

Leverage our in-house warehouses as yours for adaptive inventory planning. Controllable lead time and delivery up to your project needs.

Efficient Order

Highly efficient and effective order management, comparably high inventory level and flow capacity, instant response capability.

Assured Delivery

No shipment delay and virtually no delivery issues. In case of any, we will definitely take full responsibility and provide appropriate solutions.

Reliable Delivery before Schedule

We understand your need for punctual delivery and on-time product launch. Time is money, as well as an opportunity for outperforming the competition, especially with respect to the seasonal characteristics of winter and summer safety clothing.

At Lino Safety, we only utilize transportation partners of integrity and reliability, such as trustworthy forwarding agents who we’ve been cooperating with for years, with solid evidence of their efficient services. Not to forget, our high productivity also guarantees effective delivery, even ahead of schedule.

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