When Should High Visibility Clothing PPE Be Worn?

On construction sites or in specific high-risk situations, we all know that we should wear High Visibility Clothing to avoid danger. But High Visibility Clothing can be used more than these. In daily life, we can also choose to wear High Visibility Clothing to improve our own safety protection.

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High visibility clothing PPE is required for specific jobs and recreational activities. This type of high visibility clothing comes in many styles, and colors and they’re designed to keep you safe. That’s probably why reports suggest that the high visibility clothing market is expected to be $2.1 billion by 2031.

Governments around the world are implementing new laws and standards for hi-vis attire to improve the safety of workers. But high visibility clothing PPE isn’t simply for a construction crew. In this post, we’ve provided information on what high visibility attire is and when it should be worn. Keep reading to find out more!

What is High Visibility Clothing PPE?

Hi-vis or high visibility clothing PPE is a type of attire that’s made from fluorescent material with reflective strips on specific parts of the garments. The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the material and strips that makes light reflect off the clothing.

Light from headlights and flashlights can also reflect off the clothing. The reflective reaction is more prominent in low-light conditions when the sun is going down or when there’s shade.

For this type of reaction to work, high visibility clothing PPE can be made with the following materials:

  • Micro-prismatic tape: This type of material is made with a special vinyl that has hundreds of small prisms. Light bounces around these prisms before reflecting back at the source.
  • Glass bead reflective tape: This is a more common type of tape and is typically made for commercial high visibility clothing. It reflects light at a wider angle but doesn’t travel as far.

Why Do You Need High Visibility Clothing PPE?

The purpose of high visibility clothing is to make you more visible in low-light conditions. It provides an extra layer of protection so others around you can see you, particularly in hazardous or high-traffic environments.

What to Consider When Buying High Visibility Clothing PPE?

Whether you’re buying high visibility clothing for your company or recreational purposes there are factors to consider first. Consider the following questions when shopping for quality hi-vis attire.

Is the High Visibility Clothing PPE Suitable for the Job?

There are different types of high visibility clothing that are made for specific jobs. For example, a hi-vis vest is ideal for employees working on roads or construction sites. On the other hand, people working on boats wear luminous orange reflective hoodies because it’s more visible against the dark blue ocean. Ensure you get the right hi-vis attire for your crew.

Is the High Visibility Clothing PPE Suitable for the Wearer?

You must ensure that the type of high visibility clothing is suitable for the person who is going to wear it. Ensure the clothing is the correct size and cut for the type of job you’re doing. High visibility shirts are ideal for people working in warmer weather. However, high visibility arm bands work well for people doing sports.

What Standards Must the High Visibility Clothing PPE Have?

In some countries, high visibility attire must meet specific standards especially if the clothes are for people working in hazardous environments. You must stay compliant with your government’s rules and regulations regarding hi-vis clothes to avoid fines.

Does all the High Visibility Clothing PPE Match?

It would look odd if people wore mismatched high-visibility clothing, especially in a work setting. We recommend matching trousers, shirt or jacket.. Fortunately, you can get matching outfits that have the same reflective tapes and colors, so you always look professional or ready to take on any task.

road work

Customizing Your Own Unique Style

One of the advantages of high visibility attire is that you can customize your outfits so that it fits your unique style. If you have a company, choose colors and designs that will represent your organization’s corporate theme. It’s important to select high visibility clothes you’ll feel comfortable in so select materials and cuts that match your preference.

When Should High Visibility Clothing PPE Be Worn?

As mentioned before, High visibility clothing can be worn in various settings. In this section, we’ve discussed the top scenarios that require you to wear quality high visibility clothing.

On Construction Sites

One of the most popular places high visibility clothing is worn is on construction sites. Workers are prohibited from entering a construction site without the proper reflective clothing. Wearing the correct high visibility clothes can increase your visibility on-site to prevent potential accidents. Crew members will be able to see you in all types of light conditions.


When Working on Roads with Traffic

Busy roads can be dangerous for crew working on manholes or sidewalks. Furthermore, during sunset, it’s difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. To increase your visibility, you must wear hi-vis vests, pants, and a jacket if it’s cold. Hi-vis hoodies are ideal if it’s snowing or raining.

Road workers typically wear extremely bright high visibility clothing such as yellow because it reflects well against dark gray streets and sidewalks. When cars drive by, headlights will reflect off your clothing so you can be seen at a far distance.

When Working in Low Light Conditions

People who work at night or early in the morning can benefit from wearing bright reflective clothing. The sole purpose of hi-vis attire is to make you visible when it’s dark outside. Here are night and early morning workers who need hi-vis clothes:

  • Graveyard workers
  • Security guards
  • Gas station attendants
  • Valet drivers
  • Street patrols
  • Air traffic controllers

Choose high visibility clothing that is suitable for the night or early morning job you’re doing to help prevent accidents or injuries while you work.

When Directing Traffic

Traffic cops always wear high visibility clothing whether it’s snowing, the sun is shining or it’s raining. Drivers will then see the traffic cop easily when they’re directing traffic. The most common type of clothing worn by people in this profession is hi-vis vests, shirts, hats, and even gloves.

High visibility clothing for traffic cops is designed for both males and females. You simply have to select a cut that suits your body shape and size. Some vests also come with extra pockets to carry whistles, money, or accessories.

When You’re Cycling

Cycling is a fun activity that’s suitable for different times of the day. But since some bicycles don’t have headlights, it’s important for cyclists to wear high visibility clothing so drivers can see them on the road. The best reflective items to wear when cycling are:

  • Hi-vis wrist and ankle bands
  • Vests
  • Waterproof bike helmet covers
  • Hi-vis cycling jacket

With the right reflective clothing, you can cycle in the evenings or early in the morning before the sun comes up.


When You’re Directing a Sports Team

High-intensity sports such as rugby, football, soccer, or hockey require referees to wear high visibility clothing. High visibility clothing allows sportsmen to see where the referee is on the field at all times. This prevents them from knocking on the referee when they’re playing the game. A simple, stylish reflective shirt is perfect for sports referees to wear when directing a team.

Taking Your Dog Out for a Walk

Most dog owners only get to take their pets out for walks in the evenings when they get home from work. Luckily you can buy high-visibility dog coats and vests so your pooch can also be visible in low-light conditions.

The reflective clothing you and your dog wear will be visible to drivers, other pedestrians, and cyclists whenever you go out for a walk.


Hiking in the Wild

Hiking is a fun recreational activity for people who love being out in the wilderness. But accidents can happen such as falling, breaking an ankle, or sliding down a cliff. Hikers should wear hi-vis attire so they can be found easily if they get injured or lost.

Additionally, if you walk ahead of your hiking party, you want them to be able to see you especially if it’s snowing or there’s mist. High-visibility vests, jackets, backpack covers, and hats are ideal for hikers.

When You Go for a Run

Most people prefer to run early in the morning before the sun comes up because this is when it’s peaceful to be outside. However, there are still drivers on the road and other runners who may not see you if you’re not wearing the correct reflective clothing.

We suggest wearing high visibility clothing when running in the warmer months. If it’s winter, then consider wearing a hi-vis pullover hoodie. Your reflective clothing will ensure that other runners, pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists can see you when you’re running.

reflective running gear

When You Go Horse Riding

Whether you’re riding a horse for fun or you’re patrolling your streets, you must have high visibility clothing on so others can see you at a far distance. Wearing reflective clothing while horse riding provides extra safety for you and your horse.

The best type of high visibility clothing to wear while horse riding is a vest, pants or jacket. You also get reflective wrist bands which works if you’re performing hand signals to other riders or pedestrians.


Helping Kids Cross the Road

Crossing guards must wear reflective clothing so drivers can see them standing on the road to stop traffic when kids are crossing the street. Typically, a full reflective outfit is needed for anyone who controls traffic. By wearing high visibility clothing, drivers will see you from a far distance which will prompt them to slow down.

running kid

When You’re on Your Motorcycle

Most people who ride motorcycles choose to ride black models which can be difficult to see at night. To help drivers see you on the road you should wear a high visibility clothing over your jacket. When light reflects off the strips of tape on your vest drivers will see you clearly and it will prompt them to be more cautious.

Motorcycle Ride

Final Thoughts

High visibility clothing is crucial if you want to stay safe in low-light conditions. You should always wear reflective attire when working on hazardous sites or when you’re in high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for quality, customizable high visibility clothing then you’ll find everything you need and more from Lino Safety Clothing Specialist. To get your free samples email us at [email protected] or call us today at +86 18157921168

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