Why your prices of safety vests are so high?

When you go looking for suppliers, you often find different prices for the same safety vest in the picture, so is it really the same product? This article takes you to analyze the difference between two products with similar appearance.

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Some safety vests buyers will ask why your price is higher than other suppliers. Sometimes the same safety vests, we offer 3 dollars, but other suppliers quote 2 dollars or even less. In this article, you will know the difference between two similar safety vests in quality or specification. And you will know how to evaluate them when you receive the safety vests from suppliers.

Two weeks ago, we make a sample for a customer from the Middle East, which is a market that prefers medium-quality safety vests. We used to export to the USA and European countries with high quality, so when we got the medium-quality sample, we found there are big differences. Sample A is for our customer in the UK, and Sample B is for the Middle East)

Just from the two pictures, it looks similar. However, the price is a big difference. In this article, I will compare the two samples and let’s find out what are the differences.

How to Compare the Two Safety Vests?

Materials of Safety Vests

We will compare these two safety vests from fabric, reflective tapes, zippers, and velcro.

Fluorescent Fabric of Safety Vests

Colors and weights are the most important for safety vests. And a high-quality safety vest, users will feel comfortable when wearing it.

Colors of Fluorescent Fabric

Safety vests have color requirements in different standards. Obviously, the two safety vests are different in color, and Sample B cannot meet EN20471 or ANSI standards. And you should know there are only 3 colors acceptable in EN 20471 or ANSI standards; fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange-red, and fluorescent red.

Weight of Fluorescent Fabric

As you know, if safety vests must meet the EN20471 standard, the fabric weight should be at least 120gsm. However, when we do the testing, we found that sample B fabric weight is only around 115gsm.


What’s more, the feeling of fabric A is softer, and B is not flat and hard. As you may know, the same fabric from different suppliers, like Haining City or Shaoxing City, the price difference is almost $0.60 per kilo.

Reflective Tape of the Two Safety Vests

Regarding the quality of safety vests, high-quality always features in the reflective distance, washing times, highly luminous, tear resistance, long-lasting, and highly adhesive…

But when we do the reflection test with a professional machine, we found sample B cannot meet EN 20471 or ANSI 107 standards. As you can see, a reflection of sample B is only around 330CPL. However, sample A can reach over 380CPL.

Testing Report

High-quality safety vests can be seen at a distance of at least 30m, otherwise, If you wear a reflective distance of only 100m, you give others a lot less time to react, and your danger increases a lot.

Zippers of Safety Vests

And the zipper length for the two safety vests is different. Obviously, sample B with shorter zipper. And look at the end of the zipper, the tailor’s process is different, and sample B is simple with fewer labor costs.

Velcro of Safety Vests

The size of the velcro in sample B is smaller and the color is not matched to the hi-vis fabric, which looks not nice.

Moreover, the upper and down are not the same horizontal, so the pocket cannot close very well.

The Workmanship on Safety Vests

Now let’s look at more details in the weaving process of the two safety vests. Different workmanship affects labor costs and thus the cost of a safety vest.


In sample B, the stitching is not in the same horizontal, and even the reflective strip is not neatly cut.

And the stitching details of the reflective tape on the pocket side are different, the sample A will be nicer and look good quality.

The tailoring process in piping is different sample B is easy to tear off.

And there are some defects in the workmanship of sample B.

More Details of the Two Safety Vests

Here are more details like needle holes on reflective tapes of sample B, the fabric is not neatly cut in the position of the shoulder joint.

What Else Influences Prices on Safety Vests?

Besides materials and workmanship, there are other aspects that will influence the prices of safety vests.


What’s more, pocket quantities and designs for safety vests will be at different costs as well.

For example, the two pockets look the same but they are different. Cargo pockets will cost more than patch pockets. It looks like patch pockets from the front but expands as needed because of the accordion folds on the sides.


And before packing, we will check all the details with 100% inspection above to make sure customers will receive safety vests always of high quality. But for medium-quality, the quality control is not strict, so customers may receive defective products.

How do You Know the Quality of Your Safety Vests?

So when you find your target price is far away from suppliers, make sure you are talking about the same thing, maybe different quality or specification. Since this situation often occurs, especially when business between two nations with distance inconvenience. In this case, Lino Safety always helps buyers to eliminate misunderstandings, then end up with the right safety vests and save time.

Video call

Video call is the most common communication way with our customers at Lino. In this way, we could show our real safety vests, even the production line to customers. Our team strongly believes face-to-face talking is the best way to know customers’ needs and then establish a relationship of trust.

Send your safety vests samples

The other way is to send your samples to us if you have them. We think it is the best and most effective way to avoid any possible mistake or misunderstanding on products.

Send the safety vests pictures

The third way is you can send some detailed pictures, we are glad to help to distinguish the quality of your products.

At last, we always suggest customers buy high-quality safety vests with high quality because this is not only related to the stability of the company’s operations but also related to the safety and health of your customers!

Lino Safety is a professional safety vests supplier with more than 16 years of experience, we believe everything starts and ends, with quality. So if our products are able to achieve your desired result and performance, please feel free to contact us.

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