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Our Hi Vis Cooling Safety Vest utilizes advanced polymer-embedded technology, offering a unique and efficient way to keep wearers cool in hot weather. Unlike many bulkier options on the market, our cooling safety vest is designed to be lightweight and less cumbersome, providing comfort without hindrance.

Ideal for those working in demanding summer conditions, this cooling safety vest is perfect for jobs like road construction, municipalities, and baggage handling. As there is a significant demand for cooling products in hot job sites, our cooling safety vest can be a key addition to your summer collection. With its practical design and proven effectiveness, you simply can’t go wrong with our Hi Vis Cooling Safety Vest.


Our Hi Vis Cooling Safety Vest is an innovative and essential addition to your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category. Designed for ultimate comfort in hot conditions, this vest can be easily activated by soaking in cold water for 2-5 minutes. The embedded polymers retain water, providing up to four hours of cooling relief. Once dry, simply repeat the process.

Ideal for construction workers, welders, or individuals with specific medical conditions, our Cooling Safety Vest is practical and affordable. It’s available for hand washing, adding to its convenience.

Manufactured in China with lower labor costs and utilizing advanced equipment, we take pride in the exceptional quality and functionality of our cooling safety products. In addition to the cooling safety vest, our catalog includes cooling ties, towels, cooling shoulders, and much more. We aim to offer a diverse range of products to help you increase sales and satisfy various customer needs.

We assure you that our cooling products will not only meet but exceed your quality expectations. If you have any questions or need assistance with our Cooling Safety Vest or other cooling products, please leave a message, and we’ll respond within 12 hours. Experience the ease and comfort of cooling safety with us!


  • The most demanded product in summer
  • IndispensablePPE?products
  • High-quality, high value
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • Zippered closure
  • 2 lower interior pockets
  • Lightweight & breathable mesh bottom – reduces weight, enhances airflow, and prevents excess water from dripping onto clothing
  • Loops along the neckline are designed to hold cooling towels for advanced cooling
  • ANSI/ISEA 107, Type R Class 2 compliant with 2” reflective tape for low-light visibility

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