Reflective Vests

Reflective vests are the most popular reflective attire. Our reflective vests are offered in varying styles. You can choose the styles that best suit your target space, like running, cycling, horse riding, and motorcycling. More so, the reflective vest is the best product for beginners who want to start a reflective sportswear business. The reflective vests are for all seasons, have competitive prices, huge style options, low freight costs, and more. The reflective vest could be created with logos. The printing methods may vary from screen printing, heat transfer printing, embroidery, and other printing methods.

Nevertheless, customers should be confident in introducing reflective vests from Lino Safety, because they are made from lead-free and CE/ANSI-certified materials. Also, if you need something not on the list, feel free to get in touch with us. We can assist you in customizing reflective vests.

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Features & Benefits of Reflective Vests from Lino Safety

More Style Options

Some products come in only a few colors or styles. This can be limiting for customers who want more choices. Reflective vests from Lino Safety offer more style options giving you greater freedom to choose what you want. More style options make the reflective vests match your brand DNA more closely.

Lower Freight Cost

Most of the reflective vests are lightweight, so the freight cost is lower. It’s a massive benefit for customers that want products quickly. This not only saves money but also allows you to provide your customers with faster shipping times and better customer service.

Easy to Carry

The reflective vests are easy to carry because they are small and lightweight. It is easy to carry around with you and does not take up much space. It can be easily stored in a purse, backpack or even the back side pocket of a cycling jersey.


The reflective vest is perfect for those who are looking for something lightweight. This makes it perfect for traveling or taking with you on the go. The weight of the vest also makes it easier to use for long periods without getting tired.

Well-Selected Materials

A well-selected material is key to the success of any safety clothing project. So we always work with top material suppliers.

reflective with hole
Breathable reflective fabric
reflective fabric
Reflective Fabric
mesh yellow stretchy
Breathable Elastic Fabric
stretchy fabric
Polyester Microfiber

Multiple Logo Options

Your logo is an important part of your business’s branding strategy. It’s important to make a good impression. We will recommend the best logo option for your project.

sport print
sport black
Screen Printing
sport reflective
Reflective Heat Transfer Printing
sport color
Heat Transfer Printing

Be Seen. Be Safe.

It’s very easy to increase visibility and decrease the risk of being involved in an accident. With or without reflective accessories can make a big difference when it comes to safety.

pink fabric

No Reflective Vest

reflective running vest

Reflective Running Vest

reflective cycling vest

Reflective Cycling Vest

Full Solution from Custom Reflective Vests

Reflective Sportswear Size

Reflective Vests Sizes

All the styles in there reflective vests range could be customized in different sizes. You could get the best size for your customers to fit their needs.

Reflective Sportswear Color

Reflective Vests Colors

The color of reflective vests can be customized to match the customer's needs, making it the perfect choice for those who want a specific look.

reflective vest

Reflective Vests Styles

There is a wide range of reflective vests. Additionally, these vests can be customized in any style of your choosing. Our design team will work with you to create the perfect clothing design for your brand, along with matching closures and graphics.

rich packaging supplies

Reflective Vests Packaging

There are many packaging options for reflective vests. We will recommend the best packaging for your products. And the packaging could be customized according to your requirements as well.

Boost Your Brand with Reflective Vests

Reflective vests offer more style options than ever before. With a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can create a unique look that expresses your brand style. Reflective vests are designed to be mixed-and-matched, so you can easily combine different pieces to create a variety of looks. And with a variety of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your brand and company.

What is a reflective vest?

A reflective vest is a type of personal protective equipment that is worn in low-light environments. Additionally, a reflective vest is designed to reflect light to the source, making the wearer more visible. Reflective vests are typically made from fluorescent and reflective material, and used in a variety of settings, including cycling, running, horse riding, motorcycling, and more.

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