Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover


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One size fits all



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100% Polyester

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Velcro, Buckle

The Kids Backpack Cover is a versatile accessory designed to provide an extra layer of security for both the backpack and the child, whether on the way to school or during outdoor activities.

Made with 100% waterproof fabric, the Kids Backpack Cover shields the backpack from the harsh effects of extreme weather, prolonging its lifespan. Its highly visible fluorescent colors and reflective patterns offer a significant safety advantage, ensuring that the child is easily noticeable both during the day and at night.

The Kids Backpack Cover comes with various closure options, from simple elastic to adjustable buckles, catering to different needs and preferences.

For businesses looking to enhance brand recognition, we offer personalized one-to-one design services for the Kids Backpack Cover. This approach not only ensures that the product aligns with your brand but also helps to set it apart in the market.

Investing in the Kids Backpack Cover is a step towards ensuring children’s safety and comfort while also offering a unique opportunity for brand promotion. This lightweight and easily adjustable accessory is an essential addition for any child’s daily routine.


The Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover is an essential accessory for children, whether they are heading to school, embarking on field trips, or traveling. Designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to use, the Kids Backpack Cover ensures that children can manage it independently.

Constructed from waterproof and wear-resistant material, the Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover provides robust protection against extreme weather, preventing the backpack from getting eroded. Its bright fluorescent color aids in quick identification, even if the bag gets misplaced.

But the benefits of the Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover extend beyond the backpack’s protection. It also serves as an additional safety feature for children. The reflective material used in the cover enhances visibility in dark environments, allowing children to be spotted from a distance.

With its compact size and low cost, the Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover is an ideal item for promotional use. Whether for large events or school outings, this accessory offers an exceptional opportunity for brand exposure. We support customization services in small quantities, tailored to fit your brand style, and offer professional after-sales protection.

Investing in the Kids Waterproof Backpack Cover ensures the extended use of backpacks and, more importantly, adds a layer of safety and security for children. Its practicality and multiple benefits make it a valuable addition to any child’s daily necessities.


  • Lightweight
  • Various styles for boys and girls
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation
  • Unique pattern designed just for kids


  • 100% polyester, waterproof material
  • Adjustable elastic bands
  • Reflective cute design

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