Premium Hi-vis Two-Tone Surveyors Safety Vest

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Yellow, Orange



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Tricot, Mesh

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ANSI 107 Type R, Class 2 Compliant

The Premium Hi-Vis Two-Tone Surveyors Safety Vest is a specialized garment tailored specifically for construction workers who require a combination of protection and functionality on-site. This vest is crafted using both tricot and mesh materials, allowing for enhanced breathability, comfort, and freedom of movement.

Compliant with ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 standards, it is suitable for the US market, where it has become a best-seller. The Reflective Vest Construction offers various customization options, including a wide selection of pockets and accessories, depending on the specific work application. Whether it’s pockets for specific tools or compartments for personal items, the adaptability of this vest makes it a valuable addition to any construction professional’s wardrobe.

Moreover, we offer design solutions that can be tailored to your brand’s requirements, helping you enhance brand recognition and expand your consumer market. For a versatile, customizable, and top-performing safety vest that caters to the complex needs of construction workers, our Premium Hi-Vis Two-Tone Surveyors Safety Vest is the perfect choice.


Our Premium Hi-Vis Two-Tone Surveyors Safety Vest is meticulously designed with the unique needs of surveyors in mind. In a profession that demands both safety and functionality, this vest is fully compliant with ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 standards, making it a popular choice in the U.S. market.

Understanding that surveyors require specialized tools and accessories, this Safety Vest offers a wide variety of pockets, such as clear ID bags, 2-tier pen pockets, iPad compartments, and paint can pockets. These multifunctional pockets are intended to fully meet the surveying requirements, with customization options like adding cooling shoulders for hot weather conditions.

Comfort is also considered in the design, with features like a padded neck to relieve pressure and reinforced webbing for increased wear resistance and durability. Crafted using breathable, high-visibility fabrics, the Safety Vest ensures surveyors remain safe and visible in low-light environments while providing a comfortable wearing experience.

Adapted for use across all seasons, this Premium Hi-Vis Two-Tone Surveyors Safety Vest is a must-have for any surveying work. Whether you are introducing it as a new product or adding it to an existing line of vests, the continual updates and adjustments we make to various parts of the product, based on up-to-date data, set it apart from the competition.

Offering exclusive customization, you can send us your specific requirements, and we will provide personalized service to tailor the product to your needs.


  • A must-have product for the PPE brand
  • Customized logos, private labels…
  • Different design options according to your purchasing budget
  • Fulfill and optimize your production line
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • Polyester tricot front, mesh back
  • Certified reflective material
  • Sew on 2″ reflective tape
  • Havey duty zipper front closure
  • Grommets, 2 chest radio tabs
  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Padded neck for comfit fit
  • Reinforced with durable webbing
  • ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 Compliant

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