Waterproof Hi Vis Helmet Cover

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One size fits all



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100% Polyester

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Pull cord, Elastic cord

The Waterproof Cycle Helmet Cover is a versatile accessory designed specifically for outdoor cycling. With a one-size-fits-all design and various closure options, it provides a secure fit for all helmet types. Users can select from different waterproof fabric levels and reflective patterns, enhancing both comfort and safety.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing the Waterproof Cycle Helmet Cover guarantees top quality and timely delivery, supporting your business development needs.


The Waterproof Hi Vis Helmet Cover is an essential accessory for cycling enthusiasts, designed to enhance both protection and visibility. Crafted with waterproof fabric, this cover safeguards your helmet from rain and fog, ensuring your head remains dry. Additionally, the certified reflective materials incorporated into the design significantly improve safety in low-light conditions.

Fitting most helmet sizes, the Waterproof Hi Vis Helmet Cover is lightweight and convenient to carry. Various closure methods are available, including elastic options and non-slip buckles, allowing for a secure fit.

Ideal for promotional efforts, the Waterproof Hi Vis Helmet Cover offers a low-cost yet high-value solution to enhance your product line. It is fully customizable, supporting different patterns and logos, making it a strategic choice for bicycle brands and related businesses seeking to boost their market presence.

Contact us to explore the variety of design and branding options for the Waterproof Hi Vis Helmet Cover, and take advantage of this trending product to make your offerings more competitive and appealing


  • Exclusive custom patterns to improve brand recognition
  • Suitable for all cycling-related products, not just clothing


  • Wind and water-resistant material
  • Unique reflective pattern design
  • Adjustable elastic cord
  • With a loop for magnet light/multilight

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