Women Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest

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Tricot, Mesh

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ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R / Class 2 compliant

The Women Construction Vest, tailored specifically for female construction workers, is emerging as a vital trend in the industry. With the rise in demand for women’s overalls, the market for women’s safety vests has seen consistent yearly growth.

What sets our women’s Construction Vest apart is not just the variety of styles available but also the enhanced value when compared to men’s styles. While basic designs may flood the market, our complex and unique designs are rare, offering higher profit margins.

Our experienced design and market development teams have carefully crafted the Women Construction Vest, allowing you to quickly capture market share. Compliant with ANSI standards, our vests are suitable for both North and South American markets, and we also provide comprehensive testing services.

Invest in the Women’s Construction Vest, a product that marries quality, compliance, and design innovation, to position yourself at the forefront of this growing market trend.


In an industry where female workers are often overlooked, our Women Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest Construction is a breath of fresh air. Unlike traditional vests designed primarily for men, our Women’s Construction Vest series is crafted with the unique needs of female workers in mind.

Our Women Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest is more than just a change in color – it’s a thoughtful design that adapts to the female body. With adjustments to the shoulder width, bust, waist, and other parts, it provides a fit that’s both comfortable and secure.

The safety of workers is our top priority, and our Women Construction Vest reflects this commitment. Utilizing highly visible fluorescent material and standards-compliant reflective material, this vest ensures visibility, even in low-light conditions. We offer a variety of fabric options, from breathable bird’s eye cloth to tricot, for maximum comfort.

What sets our Women Construction Vest apart from basic vests are its multi-functional pockets, catering to the diverse needs of workers on the job site. From customizing different pockets to detachable accessories like cooling shoulders, every part is designed to assist the user.


  • Helps to attract more customers with this hot topic and drive sales of other products
  • Less competition and higher growth potential
  • Specifically designed for women
  • Additional products to fulfill or optimize your production line
  • Customized designs with your own brand personality
  • Same cost as men’s designs but with more profits
  • Support lower order quantity for your trial order
  • Samples available for your evaluation


  • Polyester tricot or mesh fabric
  • Certified reflective material
  • Zipper or Velcro front closure
  • Sew-on 2” reflective tape
  • Drawstring adjustable waist
  • The basic model has no pockets, you can customize multiple pockets
  • Compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R / Class 2

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