Womens Construction Vest pink piping
Womens Construction Vest pink piping
Womens Construction Vest basic
Womens Construction Vest heavy duty

Womens Construction Vest

The Womens Construction Vest is specially designed for female construction workers. As women’s overalls become a trend, the market demand for women’s safety vests is also increasing year by year.

Womens Construction Vest has a variety of styles to choose from, and the same safety vest for women will have a higher value than the men’s style, and the relative profit value will also be higher. There may be a large number of basic styles on the market, but complex styles are rare.

Womens Construction Vest is participated by an experienced design team and market development team, which can help you quickly occupy the market. Womens Construction Vest complies with ANSI standards and is suitable for North or South American markets, we provide testing services.

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Item No.








Fabric Type

Tricot, Mesh

Closure Type



ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R / Class 2 compliant

Description of Womens Construction Vest

Womens Construction Vest is specially designed for female workers. Female workers are often overlooked especially in the construction industry, usually, the vast majority of models on the market are men’s models. All the styles of the Womens Construction Vest series are designed for women. We just change the feminine colors like other brands. The Womens Construction Vest adopts a waist design to make the clothing fit the user’s body better. Taking into account the differences in female figures, we have adjusted the shoulder width, bust, waist, and other parts appropriately.

The Womens Construction Vest utilizes highly visible fluorescent material to ensure worker safety, as well as standards-compliant reflective material so it is easily visible even in low light. Womens Construction Vest supports a variety of fabric options, whether it is breathable bird’s eye cloth or tricot can achieve

Compared with the basic vest, the Womens Construction Vest has more multi-functional pockets to support the needs of workers on the job. We support customizing different pockets and parts to better make the product more practical. It is worth mentioning that Womens Construction Vest also supports detachable accessories, such as a cooling shoulder. Each part has a different function to better assist the user.

We have very rich experience in women’s clothing design and production. Womens Construction Vest is a product worth buying, and we also support you to upgrade products. For example, by modifying the details to make the same product available to men and women, will make your products more unified. If you’re considering whether or not to buy the Womens Construction Vest, we can definitely tell you that it’s one of the must-haves as the trend develops.

Benefits of Womens Construction Vest

  • Helps to attract more customers with this hot topic and drive sales of other products
  • Less competition and higher growth potential
  • Specifically designed for women
  • Additional products to fulfill or optimize your production line
  • Customized designs with your own brand personality
  • Same cost as men’s designs but with more profits
  • Support lower order quantity for your trial order
  • Samples available for your evaluation

Features of Womens Construction Vest

  • Polyester tricot or mesh fabric
  • Certified reflective material
  • Zipper or Velcro front closure
  • Sew-on 2” reflective tape
  • Drawstring adjustable waist
  • The basic model has no pockets, you can customize multiple pockets
  • Compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R / Class 2

Which Womens Construction Vest is right for you?

For this Womens Construction Vest, you can choose the style and accessories according to your needs. The following Womens Construction Vest all support custom fabrics, sizes, labels, patterns, and logos.

Reflective tape



2"wide with 3"contrasting color

Number of pockets




Heavy duty black bottom



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