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Our cooling towel is a standout product in our cooling construction gear line. Designed with hyper-evaporative PVA technology, it offers instant relief from the extreme heat of summer for up to four hours. Even when wet, the towel remains lightweight and comfortable.

Ideal not just for work but also for outdoor activities like running, hiking, and cycling, our cooling towel is easy to use and carry. Simply tie it around the neck or head, and you’re set to stay cool.


Evaporative cooling towels are an essential addition to your summer safety collection, offering a simple yet effective solution to heat-related illness on worksites. Made with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) technology, these towels can keep the neck or head cool for at least 4 hours.

Simply run the cooling construction gear in water for 1-2 minutes, wring out excess water, and wave to activate with airflow. It’s easy to wash and can be set aside when not in use.

Not only are these towels practical for workers, cyclists, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts, but they also make for an excellent promotional item. We offer customization options including private labels, colors, and sizes to help boost your brand.

Add evaporative cooling towels to your product lineup and be ready for the next selling season. Contact us to learn more about this perfect and popular summer product.


  • The most demanded product in summer.
  • Low value, suitable for promotion
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • Hyper-evaporative PVA instantly activates with water for up to four hours of cooling relief
  • Also great for outdoor recreation such as running, hiking, or other activities
  • Usage: it can be tied around the neck or head. Activate simply submerge in water for 2-3 minutes, wring out excess water

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