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Kids Backpack Cover
Kids Backpack Cover
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Kids Backpack Cover

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Whether it’s on the way to school or playing outdoors, the Kids Backpack Cover works well, giving both the backpack and the child an extra measure of security.

Kids Backpack Cover with 100% waterproof fabric can protect the backpack from erosion in extreme weather conditions and improve the life of the backpack. The Kids Backpack Cover’s highly visible fluorescent colors and reflective patterns can give users a certain level of security, both day and night.

Kids Backpack Cover supports a variety of closure options, whether it is a simple elastic or a buckle for precise adjustment, can help you achieve.

To enhance the brand recognition of Kids Backpack Cover, we provide one-to-one design, all for the betterment of your business.

Additional information

Item No.



One size fits all



Fabric Type

100% Polyester

Closure Type

Velcro, Buckle

Description of Kids Backpack Cover

On the way to school, on field trips, or travel style, children need a Kids Backpack Cover to protect the safety of the backpack and also bring safety to the children themselves.

The Kids Backpack Cover is lightweight, portable and easy to put on in one step, so children can easily do it on their own. For frequently used backpacks, Kids Backpack Cover can increase their useful life.Kids Backpack Cover is made of waterproof and wear-resistant material to protect the bag from erosion in extreme weather, and the highly visible fluorescent color can be found quickly even when the bag is lost.

Kids Backpack Cover is not only to give an extra layer of security to the backpack, to children is also to provide some protection, Kids Backpack Cover uses reflective material, in the dark environment, can also be found at a distance.

Kids Backpack Cover small size, light weight, low product value, ideal for promotional use. The Kids Backpack Cover is definitely a great item for large promotional events or school outings. To show support for your business, we support customization services in small quantities and can be adjusted to fit your brand style. We not only have a professional factory to provide high-qualityKids Backpack Cover, but also professional after-sales protection.

Benefits of Kids Backpack Cover

  • Small size, light weight, low transportation cost
  • Various styles for boys and girls
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation
  • Unique pattern designed just for kids

Features of Kids Backpack Cover

  • 100% polyester,waterproof material
  • Adjustable elastic bands
  • Reflective cute design

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