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Safety Work Trousers YELLOW
Safety Work Trousers YELLOW
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Safety Work Trousers

The Safety Work Trousers are specially designed for outdoor work and are suitable for many occasions, whether it is decoration or maintenance, they are very suitable equipment.

Compared with common trousers, Safety Work Trousers are more powerful. They not only have high-visible fluorescent color fabric splicing, but also high-visible reflective materials with 360-degree surround visibility. They meet the EN 20471 standard and can protect the safety of users day and night.

Moreover, Safety Work Trousers also has multiple pockets for different purposes for storing items, which fully meet the requirements of workers during operation.

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Fabric Type

Polyester cotton


EN20471 Compliant

Description of Safety Work Trousers

There are not only safety vests in outdoor work safety equipment, but Safety Work Trousers are equally important. Safety Work Trousers are suitable for various occasions such as construction sites, road construction, pipeline maintenance, etc., to provide safety protection for workers.

Safety Work Trousers are made of polyester-cotton fabric, which is more comfortable and wear-resistant. The spliced high-visible fluorescent fabric can make workers easily spotted in the noisy working environment during the day. In order to be more resistant to dirt, the trousers are spliced with black fabric.

At night or in low-light environments, Safety Work Trousers have 360-degree surround visible reflective strips, which can also be found at ultra-long distances. Safety Work Trousers are suitable to be sold together with tops, and the sale of a set is often more profitable.

Safety Work Trousers are not only easy to wear, but also have multiple pockets and parts for the placement of different items, whether it is commonly used maintenance tools or personal items, they can meet the needs very well.

For Safety Work Trousers, due to the nature of multi-pocket and multi-fabric splicing, the production difficulty will increase. Lino Safety has very rich experience in tooling production, whether it is for product size control or overall shape design, we have many years. With practical operation experience, we can provide you with high-quality Safety Work Trousers.

Benefits of Safety Work Trousers

  • Designed for men
  • IndispensablePPE products
  • More durable and stronger, suitable for most scenes
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation

Features of Safety Work Trousers

  • 50% cotton 50% polyamide
  • 2 pockets with flap at both sides,multipockets for storing the tools
  • 2”Silver reflective tape
  • Reinforced knee pockets with inside opening
  • EN 20471 compliant

Which Safety Work Trousers is right for you?

For this Safety Work Trousers , you can choose the style and accessories according to your needs. The following Safety Work Trousers all support custom fabrics, sizes, labels, patterns, and logos.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your safety clothing & accessories need, on-time and on budget.

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