Thermal HiVis Safety Bib Overalls

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100% Polyester

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Stay safe and warm this winter with our Thermal HiVis Safety Bib Overalls, engineered to meet Class E safety standards. Constructed from durable 300D oxford polyester, these overalls feature sealed seams to repel snow and water, ensuring you remain dry in harsh conditions. The quilted liner, combined with thermal insulation, provides superior warmth.

The overalls’ fluorescent fabric and 2″ reflective detailing ensure maximum visibility both day and night. The design includes an elastic waist and adjustable suspenders, allowing for a customizable fit that can accommodate various sizes.

These high visibility overalls aren’t just practical; they’re a vital addition to any winter workwear wardrobe, providing comfort, safety, and warmth. For more detailed information related to our products, please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry. We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your safety needs.


Stay warm and stay safe with our Thermal HiVis Safety Bib Overalls, designed with the unique demands of your work in mind. These high-visibility overalls are the perfect solution for those who need complete safety coverage without sacrificing ease of movement.

Our overalls are one-piece, which makes them extremely practical for jobs that require bending and moving, such as on roads or construction sites. They’re easy to put on and take off, and the seamless design ensures that there is no parting between the trousers and the top.

Lino Safety offers these overalls in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles, all at competitive wholesale prices. And if you want to add a personalized touch, we allow customization to reflect your brand personality. While most of our styles are unisex, we can also design women’s styles to meet your specific requirements.


  • IndispensablePPE?products
  • High manufacturing cost and complex process
  • An essential category in the product line
  • Customized designs for your brand
  • Samples are available for your evaluation


  • Durable ripstop waterproof fabric with seam-sealed inside
  • Quilted liner with thermal insulation, snap & zipper closure
  • 2” sewn-on reflective tape
  • Zipper cuff for boot access with black bottom
  • ANSI 107 Class E Compliant

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